Tuesday, July 30, 2013


                                                            (Albert Ostman)


This story is one of the most well known of all encounters to everyone long entrenched in Bigfoot research. The purpose of this series is mainly, to enlighten people who are new to, and interested in the subject of Bigfoot, present and future research. 


Being involved in logging and construction for some time, Albert decided to take a break, a vacation, away from the hustle. After all, he’d been on a project for over a year. Looking for lost gold mines while simultaneously on vacation was a very good and profitable idea he thought.

He heard that there was a lost gold mine, somewhere in the vicinity at the head of the Toba Inlet in B.C.  So he boarded a steamship to Lund, B.C. where he secures the services of a guide, an old Native American Indian, who would take him to his destination.

According to Albert, the old Indian talked a lot. He was particularly intrigued by the story about gold in the possession of a white man allegedly from the now lost mine. He went on to say, the man was a heavy drinker and very loose with his spending in saloons. Whenever he ran out, he would disappear for a few days at a time and then return with a bag of gold. One time he went back to the mine and never returned. The story was told that a Sasquatch killed him.

Albert had never heard of a Sqsquatch before. So he asked the old Indian what kind of animal it could be. The Indian replied, "They have hair all over their bodies, but they are not animals. They are people. Big people, living in the mountains. My uncle saw the tracks of one that were two feet long. One old Indian saw one over eight feet tall."
Albert said to the old Indian that he didn’t believe in stories about mountain giants. They probably existed thousands of years ago, but not nowadays. As a modern man living in a modern world, I wouldn’t believe it either, hearing it for the first time. The old Indian said, “there are not many left, but they still exist”.

Part 2 coming