Thursday, July 11, 2013

"A Cup Filled with Hope: How Refreshing"

                                                   (Alot cuddlier than the average Hater)

by Alexes Pereira Team Tracker Member

Guard yourself from those that are cynical, from those whose words are clouded with bitterness. Avoid those cantankerous curmudgeons of the Bigfoot community, lest you become one of them.

 I chose to drink from the sacred waters of hope and joy, from the well of possibility. What is in your glass?

 I can see from your sourpuss faces that some of you are drinking the sourest lemonade and the bitterest brew of ale. What in fact does ale you? You might want to switch to Prune juice and to eliminate that little problem of being an asshole.

 And I mean that with love to all assholes, because we have all been an asshole at one time in our lives, (or have loved one).

 It is ok to have a healthy skepticism and a grain of doubt, but if you are reading those blog's and pages filled with angry, sneering and nit-picking folks, consider that you may have been happier before you started your daily, ( possibly hourly), visits there to the land of dour, doom-filled debate.

 It is like a cheap motel room; the decor is dingy and depressing and the view sucks! Do not hinge your opinions on the words/videos of weirdo Arch Villains with multiple-identities or those blogger's that have a history of bias and inaccuracy.

 Don’t choke on the minutiae, basically do not put yucky things in your mouth, you can change your outlook to the big picture.

My drink of choice is a crimson goblet filled with the wine of truth. If you are still swigging from that glass that is half-full, consider what it might be full of; poison and despair.

But what IF you pour yourself even a small cup of Maybe, a full dram of Hope and a thimble of Courage?


Go on, take a sip; it can't hurt you.


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