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"Bigfoot 101 Classes For Racer X"

by Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker

I never go to the Randy Filipovic "Racer X" blog. It's a giant waste of time written by a trouble maker who has your Charles Manson type following.  I did hear that his blog comments actually think Albert Ostman was a bigfoot researcher. A BIGFOOT RESEARCHER!!!!! They don't have a clue on the history of Bigfoot. Nor do they care. All they want to do is bully Rick Dyer, myself and team Tracker.

I would put money on it none of these troubled souls have ever seen a real Bigfoot or had an encounter. These people just sit around and spend their entire time on line. I'm sure none of them have jobs. They most likely are on public assistance or live in their Mothers basement, as some of them have already been documented to be true.

They choose a "man" that sets up an entire blog to bash Rick Dyer 24/7 as the leader of the pack. Why they have it in for Rick Dyer is a complete mystery to all of us. To spend all that time and energy on Rick is spooky and unhealthy.
If they think he didn't shoot a Bigfoot in Texas, who cares? We are talking about mentally disturbed people all gathered in one place. Sort of like being in Hitler's bunker who would never admit they lost the war. Does Randy know that his people like Thomas Berlin try weekly to get added to our pages?  All troublemakers were kicked of by me several weeks ago in what I called "The Haters Massacre."

When the body does come out. Who are they going to pick on next? Will they admit they made fools of themselves? Never gonna happen people. But, I am sure alot of them are going to say "I knew he had a body all along."

So Randy Filipovic from Calgary, Alberta Canada, who makes an ass of himself going my the moniker of "Racer X" and your loyal followers, do some research on the subject of Bigfoot and you won't make fools of yourself so badly as you did by stating that Albert Ostman was a bigfoot researcher.  You've already made yourself look like fools in the entire Bigfoot community which you are NOT part of by any means.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


                                                            (Albert Ostman)


This story is one of the most well known of all encounters to everyone long entrenched in Bigfoot research. The purpose of this series is mainly, to enlighten people who are new to, and interested in the subject of Bigfoot, present and future research. 


Being involved in logging and construction for some time, Albert decided to take a break, a vacation, away from the hustle. After all, he’d been on a project for over a year. Looking for lost gold mines while simultaneously on vacation was a very good and profitable idea he thought.

He heard that there was a lost gold mine, somewhere in the vicinity at the head of the Toba Inlet in B.C.  So he boarded a steamship to Lund, B.C. where he secures the services of a guide, an old Native American Indian, who would take him to his destination.

According to Albert, the old Indian talked a lot. He was particularly intrigued by the story about gold in the possession of a white man allegedly from the now lost mine. He went on to say, the man was a heavy drinker and very loose with his spending in saloons. Whenever he ran out, he would disappear for a few days at a time and then return with a bag of gold. One time he went back to the mine and never returned. The story was told that a Sasquatch killed him.

Albert had never heard of a Sqsquatch before. So he asked the old Indian what kind of animal it could be. The Indian replied, "They have hair all over their bodies, but they are not animals. They are people. Big people, living in the mountains. My uncle saw the tracks of one that were two feet long. One old Indian saw one over eight feet tall."
Albert said to the old Indian that he didn’t believe in stories about mountain giants. They probably existed thousands of years ago, but not nowadays. As a modern man living in a modern world, I wouldn’t believe it either, hearing it for the first time. The old Indian said, “there are not many left, but they still exist”.

Part 2 coming

You are not Captain Jack Bigfoot Pirates

By Alexes Pereira Team Tracker Member

     So, my little old FB page was removed by the Bigfoot Bullies. I have been reported as underage and while it is a bit annoying what bothered me most was possibly losing pictures of my kids… losing connections to people, places and things was secondary.

     Why me, I am a TT member, but I slide under the radar keeping quietly to myself except for a few blogs here every week. And I do not even force you guys to read them.

     Then a TT friend made me aware that this part of a plot to infiltrate TT, just like Bigfoot Warz has been overthrown. The new page boasts “anarchy” and doubtless the perpetrators think they are all “punk rock” and cool.

     This started with the FBFB, when the citizens of Bigfoot town decided that it was ok to suppress freedom of speech and our rights to share information on-line by harassing FBFB and eventually closing down their YouTube account.

     I think the ones involved must think they are doing something for some higher good as if they are the self-appointed vigilante cops here. But in harming people they are the ones that are slinking like low worms. That’s a little feedback for y’all.

     There were already two recent offshoots from Bigfoot Warz so why was it necessary to overthrow and make trouble? Maybe personal revenge, but I ask, when will the fighting and conflict end?

     If this was happening to our kids on the playground we would know it was wrong, we would not tell our kids not to be a cyber-thug. But we forget to be accountable for our own actions

     If North Korea shut down FBFB or tried to gain access to Team Tracker we would call it Cyber –Terrorism. In fact that is what this is given the degree of dangerous and ruthless people operating in the Bigfoot Community.

     Some of this posse have lost their hearts and are just blindly and angrily following the ringleaders. As a reminder, misusing social media, impersonating and harassment can be criminal acts. I am hoping people will stop now and start thinking with clear minds and open hearts before they end up in hot water.

Monday, July 29, 2013

"Where's Your Tent Video Jeff Smith?"



  by Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker

If you heard last nights radio show, you heard me challenge Jeff Brown to keep his word and show us the tent video he was going to recreate to show the world Rick Dyer's tent video was faked. He was going to do this last March by the way.
Time to put your money where your mouth is Jeff Brown or as the fake name you use Daz Quick. What do you think your a freaking super hero?

Jeff Brown likes to go by the name of "Daz Quick" for some unknown reason. It may be that it's part of his fantasy world of make believe. I never met Jeff Brown and to be honest, I wouldn't want to. He's the kind of guy that if you ran into him in a dark ally your crap yourself from fright. I would not buy a used car from anyone who looks like him as well. Would YOU?

                                 (Composite photo allegedly of Jeff Brown aka Daz the Spaz Quick)
What I think is laughable is he always said he was on the fence about Rick. Brown should be on the wagon, not a fence. He considered himself a team tracker member, but no one else ever did.

He, along with all the other people some call "Haters", I call them psychos hang around with the likes of Randy Filipovic who also uses the moniker "Racer X", again another nut who thinks he's a super hero, LMAO. Oh yes, Skyla "Death to the Hoax" aka Steve Lane, Lois Lane, Alan Lane and on and on.

We can't forget our favorite "journalist" Robert Lindsay, but that's another story. I have never seen so man Wako people running around the streets. It's scary.

To the people who follow these scrumbag's, looks at the Charles Manson family. Manson had loads of followers. Look what happened to them.. If making death threats is your cup of tea. Stick with your leaders like Thomas Berlin does. Another lost soul. You all show your true colors when you write in the Blogtalk chat room "Hey take your nitro Frank", or "Feeling any chest pain Frank?" "Hope you get another heart attack" You show any outsiders how mentally ill you really are.

                                       (Crap or get off the pot Jeff Brown aka  Daz the spaz)

So, there you have it Jeff Brown (Daz baby). Let's see that tent video by this Friday August 2nd. 2013. Show us how Rick Dyer "faked" it instead of making cartoons like a child would do. I bet you C A N T





Rick Dyer: San Antonio Texas 1st Anniversary Expedition

"Rick Dyer San Antonio 1st Anniversary Expedition"


Rick Dyer is returning to San Antonio Texas for the 1st anniversary of his famous encounter with the Bigfoot know as "Hank" This expedition is limited to 10 people and is free for Platinum members. For Gold members the cost is $500.00, for non-members is cost is 1,000. The expedition begins on September 4th through September 8th.

Click on the link below to reverve your spot. There are going to fast!!!

"Letter From Walter Shrum"

(Walter Shrum) 

I would start out in saying a little about my self I am from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania I work for Headstart full time and a songwriter on the side . I been writing songs for about 15 years, were I live I have some songs on local TV and local radio right now in the Pittsburgh area, Plus for awhile I had a Christian Rock called 2 Edgedsword. My accomplishments in the music industry are I have a song my co writer Jayme DeFilippo and I wrote it was produced and performed by Dan Schafer he was Shania Twains lead guitar player and back up singer. He has been on tons of  TV shows plus sang with tons of stars. You can check out his web site. Then I had four songs done by a writer named Don Hecht he wrote the song Walking After Midnight for Patsy Cline. He also took four of my songs to Nashville to be looked at by various artists.

Plus I act and write the music for the local TV show called Fright Sights In Your Neighborhood. It’s produced by a local man named Harry Metz. He does local TV in our area he use to work on a show called Chiller Theater, he does all my music videos. That’s were and how I met Rick Dyer, Harry Metz produced a music video for me called Searching For Bigfoot the song was co wrote by Jayme DeFilippo. Rick found the video and posted it on his site and just said WOW. At that time I didn’t no Rick but I private message him about it, and then we talked on the phone. That’s when I found out how nice of a guy he is. I told him I was going to ride on his shirt tail he told me go for it.

So I would sit back and listen to his shows on Blog radio and write songs for his shows. Remember I am not a Bigfoot tracker, but I am interested in Bigfoot and the paranormal. I just like to write songs all kinds of songs. Rick started to use my songs, first one Searching for Bigfoot, then I got a idea of writing him a song, a theme song for his radio show called Hank the Rick Dyer Song. Then he said he would use it on his knew DVD. I do appreciate Rick he has played a lot of my songs and videos on his radio show. My Youtube site for all my music videos is under waltthemusicman facebook page under walter shrum or waltthemusicman.  

You’re free to check out my music. Email me at need any music I write and produce music in my home studio called Upperoom Records. Now that I have been writing Bigfoot songs I met a lot of people who have seen Bigfoot. Even where I live a lot of sightings have happened. People come up to me and start talking about Bigfoot because of my music. I would like to thank some people on my journey in my music such as my mom, my wife and family, my co writer Jayme DeFilippo, and my producer Harry Metz. Also other friends like Jim Garrett and Al Martin, these guys help me make my videos. I found out it takes a lot of people to make it in the music industry I would have to write a list of names, but thank you. Some of the Bigfoot people who believe in my music like Thomas Marcum , Evan Jenson , Billy Willard , Eric Altman these are just some , Frank Cali , Chris Sands, Kim Little, Tom Stickel, Mr .Keaton , Craig Phillips and Dallas and
Wayne and all the tracker members I didn’t mention thank you for liking my music. Most of all Rick Dyer, he believes in what I write and he shows it all to the Bigfoot community.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Your friend, Walter Shrum.
P.S. The most important thing I want to say is thank you Jesus.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Team Tracker Post Expedition Show 9pm EST, 6pm PST


(Chris Sands at a State Park in Vermont)

Blogtalk Radio with Chat:



Photo From Boggy Creek

"Team Tracker Special Show Tonight"


                "Team Tracker Special Show Tonight"

Tune in tonight at 9 PM Eastern - 6 PM Pacific for a special show on Rick Dyer's Team Tracker duel  expeditions to Vermont and Fouke Arkansas last week. Team members Chris Sands and Big Jake will be talking about their trip to the beautiful state of Vermont and the teams search for Bigfoot. Rick Dyer was unable to attend the expedition at the last minute die to battling gout in  both feet. He plans and making a trip there in the future.
Jason Judd and Stickfoot are also on board and will bring everyone up to date on the expedition to Fouke, Arkansas, home of the legendary Boggy Creek Monster," The team say sit was a spooky time indeed.

The show will be broadcast on Blogtalk Radio and also YouTube. As always questions for the chat room will are welcome and possibly some phone calls.

Also, as announced a few days ago. Rick Dyer will return to San Antonio Texas for the 1st anniversary of his encounter with the Bigfoot know as "Hank" This expedition is limited to 10 people and is free for Platinum members. For Gold members the cost is $500.00, for non-members is cost is 1,000. The expedition beings on September 4th through September 8th. More details to follow.

Great Show, great people. DON'T MISS IT.





'Sasquatch: Edward’s Air Force Base Surveillance"

(Editors note: Here is an article that we though would be good to pass along to you that had an air forc base involved)

The Sun dropped quickly behind the desert rock-piles revealing a deep red glow to the western sky as Corey Rudolph and I made camp at the east end of Avenue J in Palmdale one spring night in 1977. We had been visiting the area as often as possible in response to several credible Bigfoot reports in this California desert. To the east was nothing but dark black sky with thousands of stars and periodic meteors whizzing by. Our objective was two-fold. One, to observe all we could during the night, and, two, to get away from the Los Angeles rat-race. We had been driving through the areas north of the mountains separating the Los Angeles area from the desert in search of clues, and people to interview who claimed to have encountered a desert Sasquatch.
 Through the next three years, Corey and I, and sometimes myself with my faithful Red-tailed Hawk, Nixon, we gathered as much information on desert Sasquatch activity as we could. In many cases, the witnesses told very similar tales of large hair-covered man-like apes observed crossing the highway, or looking in their windows at their homes usually after midnight. Through these witnesses we slowly became aware that the military, just north of Lancaster, California at Edward’s Air Force Base had been witness to these desert man-beasts for several years. We finally made contact with three different military security officers, all of which did not know of the others, who provided us with information relating to what the Air Force knew about these animals. Before I continue with this, I must inform the reader that these three men were willing to discuss this with us only because we promised to never reveal their names or ranks, and if we did, they would deny everything. Because I believe in keeping promises, I will comply with their request, but will refer to them only by rank since I do not believe that their status at the time would indicate or reveal their true identity, thereby keeping my promise. I will also add that I have spoken to five additional ex-military officers who were once stationed at Edward’s AFB and they all claim that what the first three revealed was accurate, and that not much has changed there since the 1970s.

 The first I interviewed was a Lieutenant in charge of security in the sector of Edward’s AFB near Rogers Dry Lake. He was primarily responsible for supervising the surveillance activity from sunset to sundown from 1972 to 1975 when he was then transferred to Germany, then retired. This gentleman explained to me that the base security was primarily involved with monitoring for unauthorized entry to the base by curiosity seekers. The base was highly involved with classified secret aircraft testing at the time, and there were many curious people trying to take photos, or just see these things. In addition, the base had a very high level of UFO activity, or, as he put it, Alien Spacecraft. In fact, he made it clear that these craft were not from Earth, and that the Air Force knew very little about them. When any unauthorized people or Alien craft entered his perimeter, he was to report to the higher command, and observe. All of his personnel had top security clearance, and were to discuss nothing of what they saw. He further described some of these craft to me, but I was not very interested at the time.

 While they were conducting surveillance one night, always using starlight scopes and motion detectors spread throughout the base, one of the guards reported an infiltration in his perimeter. When he asked for details, the guard described a very tall man, but not really a man. Perplexed by such a report, he decided to drive to the location and talk to the guard, perhaps thinking the man had lost his marbles. When he arrived, a wide-eyed guard met him and repeated his story. The lieutenant began to scan the desert for the intruder and soon spied him, or it. Through the starlight scope he could clearly see that this was not a man. It was a very tall, hair-covered, ape-like man walking through the desert. He said the animal appeared to be looking at the desert floor in search of something. The animal was about 500 yards distant, but the scope was very powerful and tripod mounted so it could be observed clearly. Both men continued to observe the animal as it wandered around almost aimlessly. He then reported to his superiors of the activity and was told to keep the animal in sight. This was no problem as the animal remained in the area. About five minutes later a helicopter was heard approaching the area, then it was seen coming in fast from the east. They continued to observe the animal which continued its activity. The helicopter came in over a rock-pile, then the animal "spooked." It looked at the helicopter, turned, and ran "like a deer" around a rock-pile and out of sight. The helicopter searched the area, but never found the animal. The two men could hardly believe what they had seen.

The next day the Lieutenant reported to the command post of the previous night's activity. The command told him that these animals had been seen on the base before, and the public knew them as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. The command explained that they were concerned that these animals may be related to the Alien Craft, and that all such reports must remain top secret. He was told to continue to observe and report, but not to intervene or disturb the animals until the command determined what they were.

The lieutenant had heard of Bigfoot before, but not in the desert. He had always thought that this was some sort of fable or hoax. But he knew what he saw, and now knew that they were real.

Through the following years he and his crew observed the Sasquatches on the base several times. By 1975 they had sophisticated equipment including video surveillance cameras mounted in "key" areas. He then explained to me that they had video taped these animals several times, but the tapes were classified and held under top security at all times. By the time he left Edward’s, they had learned very little about these creatures, but his feeling was that they were not UFO related, but biological living beings.

The second officer I interviewed was a Major before he too retired in 1978. He had served at Edward’s AFB from 1970 through 1978 and was in charge of one of the Command Posts on the north end of the base. He too explained that they were primarily interested in UFOs and Aliens. In fact, it was through his words that I first heard the term "EBE" which is apparently the military term for Aliens, or Extraterrestrial Biological Entities.

In any case, the Major confirmed what the Lieutenant had told me, but added that these creatures also found their way into the secret underground tunnels that run under Edward’s. Although the use and existence of these tunnels was classified, he told me about them knowing that their importance was a moot subject to me. He said that they had surveillance cameras in the tunnels and had, in fact, video taped the Sasquatches as they wandered through them. He said that they were not concerned with the Sasquatches on the base because they had learned that they were not related to EBE activity, and that they were certain that they were simply undiscovered animals. When I asked why they had not captured or killed one in order to prove the existence to the world, he returned that they could not reveal anything that happened on the base. He said that if they were to admit that these creatures often wandered around on the base, the public would loose confidence in their ability to keep the base secure. This, in turn, would give people the idea that they could do the same. Since there was so much secret work continuing on the base, it was not in their interest to discuss the Sasquatches with the public. They wanted to keep people out, not encourage them to visit in search of Sasquatches. They already had enough problems with UFO seekers, or those wanting to get a peek at a secret aircraft.

The third man was a security "grunt." That is what he termed himself. He claimed to have seen these Desert Sasquatches through starlight scopes on scores of occasions. This man was only about 19 years old, but extremely military in his self presence. He called me "Sir" until I asked him not to. He told me that he had seen a couple of Sasquatches that stood over ten feet high, had seen "obvious" females (one with a young one walking with her), and once saw a group of five Sasquatches walking together, all over six feet tall with the tallest about eight feet tall. They were fully hair-covered except the palms of their hands, the base of their feet, and their face. He said their face resembled an ape with very small eyes, a flat nose, and ape-like lips. The arms were long and slung down to the knees. He said their feet were like ours, without an arch, as they had tracked them through the desert several times. When I asked him about the surveillance videos, he told me that he knew of them but was not involved in that. He said only officers were allowed to videotape the creatures or UFOs. Cameras were not allowed on the base in the hands of the "grunts." He said that he felt very privileged to have seen these animals with such clarity because he knew there were several like myself that would do anything to see one. However, he suggested that these animals were not as rare as people assumed, but they are very shy and almost strictly nocturnal. They could be photographed, given the right opportunity, but those opportunities were rare because these creatures are very good at remaining concealed ... even in the desert. He told me that the reason they were on the base was that they "knew" they would not be harmed. He thought that somehow they could "feel" danger, or even pick up on human thoughts. Since the officers and grunts on Edward’s were ordered not to harm or intervene with the creatures, they could feel this vibe and felt protected. Some of these animals, of course, wander around outside of the base, but these animals are always watching their backs, he explained.

To conclude this report, I should advise that several sources have told me in recent years that the Desert Sasquatches are still being watched at Edward’s AFB. In fact, one officer recently told me that the base security actually appreciates the presence of the Sasquatch there since they give the officers some "needed entertainment." Then a question came to mind. Could the EBE’s be just as interested in the Sasquatches as they are of other base activities? The officer stopped for a moment, thinking, then said simply, "Perhaps."

Saturday, July 27, 2013

"The Bigfoot Media Explosions"

(Drawing by Dale Boswell Director, Creative Services at Bigfoot tracker LLC.)
by Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker

For many of us interest in Bigfoot came in various methods. In the 1950's it was mainly the newspaper articles that brought Bigfoot to world wide attention. The first big story to receive national attention was on August 27, 1958 when a construction site tractor operator named Jerry Crew found huge 16 inch size footprints in the mud. The media began calling the creature "Bigfoot" and the name has remained.


                                                        (Roger Patterson & Bob Gimlin)

In 1967 Roger Patterson took the famous 16mm movie film that really became a media sensation. Bigfoot was back big time in the news. Patterson along with Bob Gimlin had been out looking for the creature in Bluff Creek, a tributary of the Klamath River about 25 road miles north-west of Orleans, California. To this day researchers argue about the authenticity of this film. Was it a man in a suit or was it the real thing. Several years ago, a gentleman named Bob Hieronymous claimed it was him in the suit. He claimed that Patterson offered him $1,000 to do the performance, but never got the money. Hieronymous took and passed a lie detector test. Patterson went to his grave saying the footage was real. There have been some heated arguments both pro and con to this day about the fim taken in 1967.

Fast forward: 10 years ahead in time and we are now we are in the 1970's. Bigfoot once again becomes popular in the media. The Shick/Sun Classics films draws people to the theatres with Bigfoot movies such as "The Search for Bigfoot: Monster, Myth, or Man?"  These films include eye witness interviews and dramatic recreations. Also that year the TV series "In Search Of" hits the TV screens with "Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy has host. Each week the program spotlights such legendary monsters as "The Loch Ness Monster which was the first show of the series. The 2nd show featured Bigfoot with interviews with Bigfoot researcher Peter Byrne, who originally was in the Himalayas on expeditions looking for The Yeti" and the late Doctor Grover Krantz.

Fast forward again. Now we are in the 1980's and the mega hit TV series "Unsolved Mysteries" with host Robert Stack brings Bigfoot national attention once again. Each week they do fantastic reenactments of regular folks who have had encounters with Bigfoot, The Skunk Ape of Florida, The Yeti and more. The show ran for years and is still seen in reruns today.
The popular movie "Harry and the Hendersons" showed Bigfoot in a favorable light and later became a TV series.
                                                (Unsolved Mysteries host Robert Stack)
In the 1990's various shows both radio and TV kept Bigfoot in the spotlight. Radio shows such as Art Bell kept listeners glued to the radio during the all night hours. Many TV movies popped up on channels such as the Scifi Channel (Not called SyFy) and on DVD's, even video games.
Once more we fast forward, now it's 2012, a man by the name of Rick Dyer is about to make history and put the status of Bigfoot from legendary to fact. On September 6, 2012 Rick encountered a Bigfoot in San Antonio, Texas where he shot and killed one.
Now we are in the year 2013 and the world as you and I know it is about to change when the body of a real Bigfoot will be presented to the entire world. Rick Dyer and Bigfoot will make the history books and the next Bigfoot media explosion will happen.
I thank God I am still alive to see this remarkable event happen.

"The Dark Ages of Bigfootery"

   (There has been a long history of haters)

 by Alexes Pereira Team Tracker Member

We are at the nexus of the Information age and a Golden Age on this planet, but here in Bigfoot we are stumbling through the Dark Age.

Yes, I know we have had some notable works and brilliant visions but collectively the attitude of the community is one of ignorance and superstition. Without going beyond this we are simply sneezing from the dusty books and stagnating as a community.

Instead of appreciating the accumulated evidence we are at odds with one another and the field is crawling with fake videos and imperious authorities pontificating on a subject they have not studied in the flesh.

Rick Dyer has become the Heretic and he and Team Tracker has been burned at the stake for being the rebels that have spoken out exposing the “Church of Bigfoot”. We are fighting each other with pitchforks and torches for what?

For nothing but a divergent voice, a claim that has not yet  been proven. And yet unproven claims are the Hallmark of Cryptozoology. Here we pick and choose who to support and who to make into an example to serve as a deterrent or warning not to upset the mighty forces.

It is similar to the attacks on FB/FB. Even before they supported Dyer they were attacked for having opinions and original thinking. Many who have not conformed have been criticized in the Community.

Even before any DNA studies had been published we were warring about what a Bigfoot was; man vs ape, Bigfoot vs supernatural being...Can we make room for many theories in this community without squashing curiosity and knowledge seeking?

And now we are witnessing the collapse of the known Bigfoot community and we can see the volatile eruptions daily. The angry mob has been acting in desperate, irrational ways but this is reactionary and shows an internal struggle waging against the upcoming curve in the road.

We are awakening to a new consciousness and this strife is like the deep waves of contraction as we give birth to a new life; Bigfoot in the New World

We are now emerging from this Dark Age into an age of enlightenment and Rick Dyer has his hand on the light switch. We who have been patiently, (all right impatiently), supportive, open-minded and intuitive are waiting before the threshold ready to enter this new time. Even the so–called Haters must be included in the end.

What a strange coincidence that Rick Dyer killed a Bigfoot in 2O12, the year of Mayan Prophecy. 2012 was not the end of the world; it is the beginning of a new era, a transition from the focus on the self and the mind to the unconditional energy of the heart.

At this time some of us will feel a change, a lightening of mood. We will be invigorated as a community and the Bigfoot discovery will bring a fresh shift in our thinking, taking us on new quests and deeper insights into heretofore unexplored realms.

Squatch on everybody!






Friday, July 26, 2013

Rick Dyer and Team Tracker LIVE!! 9 PST, Midnight EST

Special Announcement TONIGHT!

Audio and Chat:

Sorry, there will be no YouTube this evening.

BREAKIN NEWS!!!! Dyer Returning To San Antonio Sep 5th"

BREAKIN NEWS!!!! Dyer Returning To San Antonio Sep 5th"


Press Release


Rick Dyer will return to San Antonio Texas for the 1st anniversary of his encounter with the Bigfoot know as "Hank" This expedition is limited to 10 people and is free for Platinum members. For Gold members the cost is $500.00, for non-members is cost is 1,000. The expedition beings on September 4th through September 8th. More details to follow.

In other news, Rick Dyer is filing a civil suit civil suit against David Durrett and his company "Yes You Canvas"

There will be a special broadcast tonight at 12 midnight Eastern time - 9 pacific time broadcast on Blogtalk Radio and YouTube.  DON'T MISS IT.

Link for Blogtalk show:
             (Rick Dyer)

"Incredible Bigfoot Footage (2013) ?????

By Lynk Paul Team Tracker Member

Bigfoot footage 2013?

After watching this a hundred times;

While casually strolling along the road in broad daylight, suddenly, Bigfoot breaks the corner and to his surprise, there is a family in the middle of the road. He takes evasive action, breaks right and disappears into the cover of the roadside brush.

I thought he took too many steps to get off that path and into the brush. Based on reports I have seen and read about, a real Bigfoot should have cleared that in two strides and been long out of sight. A couple of state troopers caught one on film, crossing a dual lane road in three steps, clearing the guard rail too and gone in seconds, into the tree line (about the time it would take to say WTF???).

I think this Bigfoot is sick, stupid or wants to be famous like Hank, or it could just be fake. He could have entered the woods further back around the corner so he wouldn't be seen by the obviously noisy family in the vicinity. If it was a real Bigfoot, I’m very sure he would have known there was a house around the corner, possible occupants and would have avoided them by traversing the woods, rather than taking the chance that someone didn’t have a gun and boldly walking at the side of the road and subsequently into view.
Then, lurking around in the woods, just waiting for the person filming to catch-up and film him doing the warning growls and finally moving off while the guy retrieves to safety. With the speed and agility they posses, why would he just stand there and attempt to hide? Maybe he thinks he’s the biggest, baddest thing out there or is quite confident that his gamble will pay off and he won’t be shot in the head.

After reaching cover, normally, a Bigfoot would have kept on going and covered a couple hundred feet in the time it took for the guy to follow. Did he want to eat them? Did he want the guy’s wife as a mate? What???? Damn, I should have sent this to Frank for the blog!!!!
That behavior doesn’t make any sense, unless it’s a lazy, slow moving Gintopithicus??? Yeah!!! That’s right!!! That’s what they think it is. Or it is possible, it’s the other thing; a guy in a suit!!! But there is also the possibility that it is a genuine Bigfoot pending detailed analysis, which will end up as inconclusive anyway.
It’s from a new TV show though, so you can make up your own minds. I’m not trying to sway you one way or the other. Don’t spend too much time pondering over this. If you keep looking at the news, you will actually see a real Bigfoot one day soon

                                                               (Bigfoot costume)



"Daz Is 'Quick' With Cartoon Flick"

 By Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker
We've been enjoying the animated cartoons that Jeff Brown aka Daz Quick has been doing recently. They take an enormous amount of time to make. I laugh out loud at most of them as they quite funny. Children also spend hours making this little gems. Kind of like the Seth MacFarlane started out doing. You can see that Rick Dyer, myself and Team Tracker are very important to him that he even has given Racer X (Randy Filipovic) use of these cartoons.

He's done a toon on just about everyone on the team from Rick Dyer to Hank and the most recent one is of  Craig Phillips, our Head of Security joining the ranks of Musky Allen, myself and now Craig seeing the Bigfoot body. Craig was present when the body was moved over this past weekend and Jeff made a cartoon of that event.

We started buring the animated gems to DVD, so the entire team can have them forever. I'm trying to think if he's missed anyone on the team. So, I'm going to go over all of our team members names to make sure they all get animated.

So Mr. Jeff Brown aka Daz Quick. Keep those animated cartoons coming. We truly enjoy them and have burnt them to disc to watch anytime and look forward to seeing more.


Here is a like to his channel below.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

'Spike TV 10 Million Bigfoot Bounty' Reality Show'

                                               by Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker

WARNING! In reading this article you may find grammatical errors, misspellings and typos. You try writing 2 or 3 Blog's a day on 2 to 3 hours sleep a day and see how YOU do. To the haters who are scum and make jokes about someone who is recovering from a heart attack I say this. How many Bigfoots have you seen? How many dead Bigfoot bodies have you seen? To these mentally disturbed fools I say "Keep your eye on the TV news, see then who has the last laugh"

   As I wrote about yesterday, Spike TV announced the '10 Million Bigfoot Bounty' Reality Show'. Nine teams all compete for $10 million in an effort to determine if Bigfoot actually exists in the United States 
The show premiers in January 2014. The host of this show is Dean Cain, star of  `Lois & Clark,` who is described as team leader."
Ok, Nine teams will compete for the money each week. Does anybody know who these 9 teams are? We know that Dallas and Wayne had been considered. They have been doing Bigfoot research over 15 years. They didn't get signed to do the show. I guess Spike TV isn't interested in any experience? Tim Fasano was considered he claims also. But, I guess Spike didn't want 60 minutes of Palmetto trees as footage and shaky cameras. Fasano sweats too much to look good on TV and he has an explosive temper. Plus, he'd loose out on his cab fares tied up with filming a TV show. Tampa Tim has had his power shut off more than once when he couldn't pay the bill.

(Tim Fasano?)
  We heard the hoaxer Justin Smeja will be one of the teams. JUSTIN SMEJA???  Mr. Bear meat DNA guy?? Are they freaking kidding us? Anyone that believes his story I'd like to meet. I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell them. But for some reason the "Haters" as we call them never went after this guy. Strange.

                                                                              (Justin Smeja)
  The show is just another network trying to jump on Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" show ratings. But that shows ratings are about to tank. Week after week they find nothing and never will. Matt Moneymaker has his own off beat ideas and a super ego. He's another researcher that has an Tasmanian devil  temper.
  What the hell are those shows going to do when the Rick Dyer's Bigfoot body is released?  That events is going to knock these shows out of the Bigfoot Ballpark. Get ready people. We are about to enter the 9th inning.

"Bob Gimlin Endorses Squatchlt"

by Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker
Alot of people say Bob Gimlin didn't make much money on the Patterson/Gimlin film allegedly showing a Bigfoot in 1967. It's been called the PG film, but mostly the Patterson film that was  filmed on October 20, 1967 on Bluff Creek a tributary of the Klamath River about 25 road miles north-west of Orleans, California. The film was shot by Patterson as Gimlin looked on with gun at the ready.

We know Patterson made money on the film as he showed it all over the country. Patterson died on January 15, 1972 of cancer. The copyright is now held by his wife.

Gimlin has now been signed up to endorse the gadget called Squatchlt. It looks kind of like a duck caller and sounds like a duck in heat. It's a novelty item really and it's a fun thing to play around with when your bored. I'm sure the kids would love it, but it isn't going to bring in them Squatch. I can see the BFRO using it on the "Finding Bigfoot" TV show. Hell, why not? they've done just about all the stupid things you can do week after week with no results. Flying in air balloons, ATV's and fireworks. So why not try the Squatchlt? Cliff Barackman endorsed as well.
I can see Bobo using it now if the show remands on the air? The ratings will start to drop, as each show is the same as the last. They should have named it "Not Finding Bigfoot".

Rick Dyer didn't use the Squatchlt and he actually shot and killed a Bigfoot. They don't call him "The Greatest Bigfoot Tracker in the World" for nothing.

Maybe Santa will bring you your very own Squatchlt this year, A great way to drive your neighbors crazy or if you want to break your lease on your apartment blowing it 3am in the morning

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Former Superman To Hunt For Bigfoot"

                                                                     Dean Cain

(Editor note: Look up into the sky, it's a bird, it's a's BIGFOOT?????
This is going to be a good laugh coming to a TV near you. We can't wait to see these "Lifelong Bigfoot Hunters"

Dean Cain, former TV Superman will be on the hunt for Sasquatch. The Lois & Clark star has signed on to host Spike TV's 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, a new competition series that seeks to finally uncover the mythic forest creature.

In 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, which premieres January 2014, nine teams of "lifelong Bigfoot hunters" and big game hunters travel through the Pacific Northwest and use a state-of-the-art mobile DNA lab to find Sasquatch. Each week they'll travel to a different Bigfoot "hot zone" in the U.S.

The cash prize is underwritten by Lloyd's of London. Cain will serve as "expedition leader." Besides Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, the actor's credits also include hosting TBS' Ripley's Believe it or Not and competing in NBC's recent reality series Stars Earn Stripes. He also stars in VH1's Hit the Floor.

Spike TV ordered eight episodes of the series.

"Bigfoot: Ruby Creek Encounter Part 2"

                                                             (Ruby Creek home)

(Picking up the story from Part 1of one of the classic Bigfoot encounters on record)

Mrs. Chapman who thought the boy seemed strangely disturbed went out to look. They both thought it most likely a big bear in the bushes which bordered the field just beyond the railway tracks.

When she called out to the two children , they came running to her. It was then that the creature started to move onto the tracks and she saw what she describes has a gigantic man, covered with hair, not fur, about four inches long over the body and a pail yellow brown color. Mrs Chapman compared the color to sheet of lightly varnished plywood that was located in the room with her. A brown-ochre color.

 The creature came right toward the house, she was standing there with her eldest son. On her instructions, got a blanket from the house and rounded up the rest of the children.

By this time the creature has reached to near the corner of the filed approximately 100 feet away from her. Mrs Chapman spread the blanket, holding it aloft to shield the children from seeing this being. She backed off into the old field and went down onto the river beach to get out of sight. They headed downstream straight to the village.

When asked if her purpose of using the blanket to keep the creature from seeing the children in accord with an Amerindian belief that if they had seen the creature, it brings very bad luck and often death, she said that she had heard the white man speak of that belief, she had not been told that by her own parents. She was told to not wander off or go near certain points and valleys and run if she saw one, which they referred to as The Sasquatch. They also told her not to struggle if one caught her because it may squeeze her to death by mistake

Mrs . Chapman said she also used to blanket because she thought it was after one of the kids or it may get into the house, which it did. This creature went into the house and rummaged through things and hauled a 55 gallon barrel full of salt fish, breaking it open and thus scattering to contents all over the house.

 The sad things is that later all three children died within a 3 year span. Two boys drowned and the girl passed away on her sickbed. After one of the original interviews, the Chapman's also drowned in the Fraser River when their row boat capsized.



(More in Part 3 when Mr. Chapman is interviewed)


"Team Tracker Show This Sunday Night"

Message From Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker

"Team Tracker Show This Sunday Night"


Team Tracker members will host a special 3 hour show this coming Sunday night starting at 9 PM eastern - 6 PM pacific.

 We will have the team members Chris Sands, Big Jake, Stickfoot and Jason Judd discussing the duel expeditions to Vermont and Fouke, AK this past week.

The show will be broadcast on Blogtalk radio and YouTube. Callers will be welcome and questions from the chat room will be also welcome 


Randy Filipovic aka Racer X Arrested For Rape

                                                         Randy Filipovic AKA Racer X

Randy Filipovic from Calgary, Alberta Canada also known as the self titled laughable "Racer X" was arrested for Rape in 2001. According to an Canadian official that was contacted directly by our source in the United States today. After the trail, the charge was downgraded to sexual predator conducting lewd acts and was giving 10 year probation.

Now that's a shock. We though he was arrested in the past for child molestation, but that's not the case. It makes a person sick  to see these types of scum walking the streets

According to Canadian law in "Evidence in Rape, Sexual Assault and Child Sex Abuse Cases"


In Canada, evidence in sexual assault cases can include witness testimony, witness statements, forensic evidence, photographic evidence, and statements and/or admissions against interest. Testimony from the victim is usually the most important, and sometimes only, piece of evidence in sexual assault trials.


And this guy has appointed himself a piped piper and actually has a following. Now that the truth be told, we wonder just how many is going to leave his flock. Of course Randy Filipovic will call this lies and will say it isn't so. But this man who has some kind of delusional disorder and calls himself "Racer X" is a joke to anyone with common sense. Maybe he likes that term "X" for "X" rated reasons.

All of his followers should start to check into Mr. Filipovic more before having joined his slimy group.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"Rick Dyer Expedition #91: Vermont, Final Wrap Up"


                   "Rick Dyer Expedition #91: Vermont, Final Wrap Up"

Vermont has plenty of places for Bigfoot to hide and make home. During this past week, the team checked out lost of locations. Hell, if I was a Bigfoot, I'd love to call Vermont home too.

More information on this expedition will be forthcoming. We are proud of all of our team members for taking part in our 1st duel expeditions , this one in Vermont with Chris Sands and Big Jake and the Folk Monster expedition this past weekend with Stickfoot Tom and Jason Judd. Great job guys.
Here is a vidoe of a potential place for Bigfoots


"Rick Dyer Expedition #91 Vermont: Final Day"


                                 "Rick Dyer Expedition #91 Vermont: Final Day"

We can't believe the week went by so fast. Today is the final day of the trip to Vermont. Rick Dyer had to cancel plains at the very last minute due a  coming down with gout. The team with Chris Sands and Big Jake did very well though without the FLIR cameras and other high tech equipment Rick has.

We are working on a radio show for maybe as soon as this Sunday to talk about the expedition.  We'll keep you posted.More video later today.

 Here are some videos of todays trip



"Art Bell Returning To Radio?"

                                                                       (Art Bell)

by Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker


Could it be? Is the one and only Art Bell returning to the air waves? Bell had a huge following each morning as his national radio program started at midnight. While alot of his stories and phone calls had to be taken with a grain of salt. Bell covered just about every subject from Bigfoot, where someone claimed they killed a Bigfoot and they dig a hole to hide the body in it.

He did ghost story's, interviews with  Aliens. You could never quite tell if Bell was in on these nutty calls and guests or had his leg pulled or was pulling our legs.

Bell would abruptly quit the show only to return. This happed a few times. You never knew what was going to happen next. I heard the show a few times and stopped tuning in when things got too nutty for me.

Remember Dr. Jonathan Reed story? Reed, who's real name is John Bradley Rutther, he's had over 12 different names and never went to collage . The "Doctor" says he had an encounter with an Alien who zapped his dog, killing it. First alarm of this being untrue is he claimed he was walking his dog when in fact "Reed" is highly allergic to dogs and never owned one in his life. Reed killed the Alien and took the body home. The phoots he presented look like a cheap "B" movie in a drive in theater. I'm not going to get into any more details, as the story is wacky enough.

                                                      ("Doctor" Reed's alleged Alien body)
George Noory's Coast to Coast AM is much, much better. The guy does his research and seems to know what he's talking about. He's been following Rick Dyer closely and is being fare to him waiting for the Bigfoot body to be released.

It does look like something is happening.  Art Bell's website has a message up right now asking fans if they "Wanna Take A Ride?" Art Bell loves to toy with people and I guess that's fine if you are into that stuff.

You either love him or hate him, but I remain neutral. If you want to "Take a ride" maybe you should get some Dramamine for motion sickness first. ;)

A link to Bell's Facebook page can be found on the website below:

"Bigfoot: Ruby Creek Encounter Part 1"

                                                               (Ruby Ridge)

(This is the first in a series of articles on some of the classic Bigfoot encounters that we hope will educate as well as inform people of the these beings)
Stories about the big guy goes back a long, long way. Bigfoot stories dates back to the 1800's. One famous story is from September 1941 in Ruby Creek 30 miles up the Fraser River from Agassiv, British Columbia, in Canada's great western province.  .
In September 1941, when one of these creatures paid a visit in broad daylight to an Indian family named George and Jeannie Chapman. This experience was accompanied by too much physical evidence to be ignored.
On the day in question Jeannie Chapman's eldest son, who at that time was 9 came running to the house screaming that a cow was seen coming down out of the woods at the foot of a nearby mountain. The other kids, a boy about 7 and a small girl aged 5 were still playing in a field behind the house close by a rial track. 
When Mrs. Chapman went out to take a look for herself, at first she thought it was a huge bear moving in the bushes that border the field beyond the railway tracks. She called out to them and the  children came running to her. As the creature moved onto the tracks, Mrs Chapman saw to her horror that it was as she described "A gigantic man covered with hair, not fur". The hair seemed to be about four inches long all over it's body, and had a pale yellow-brown color.

To be continued

Monday, July 22, 2013

"Rick Dyer Expedition #91: Vermont Update Video"


                               "Rick Dyer Expedition #91: Vermont Update Video"

Just in, some video of the team relaxing doing some fishing today. Vermont looks like the ideal place to relax and enjoy yourself. Evenings are spent looking for signs of Bigfoot activity in the area with audio recorders and other team tracker equipment. Chris Sands and Big Jake have a few more days left in the expedition. Enjoy the videos
(Video 1)
(Video 2)
                                                                       (Video 3)

"Rick Dyer Expedition #91: Vermont Update 7/22/13"


                            "Rick Dyer Expedition #91: Vermont Update 7/22/13"

Here are more beautiful photos taken today from the "Rick Dyer Expedition #91 Vermont" These photos were snapped by Team Tracker member Chris Sands who is there along with Big Jake. They show a spectacular view in one of our country's beautiful states.

The team has a few more days left  and we're looking forward to more videos and hopefully if conditions are good, some video as well.

This was the first time Team Tracker had 2 concurring expeditions . Our other team spent the weekend in Fouke in Miller County, Arkansas, made famous by the movie "The Legend of Boggy Creek. You can read that teams wrap up report on the link below.