Saturday, June 29, 2013

How & Why Can There Be A Bigfoot? Part 2

Leif Erikson around 1,000CE, who is argued with the European discovery of the new world, wrote, “Þeir váru svartir menn ok illiligir ok höfðu illt hár á höfði. Þeir váru mjök eygðir ok breiðir í kinnum.” Translation: “They were black men and evil-looking and had a bad head of hair. They were very broad and could only see their cheeks.”
What does this mean? Well, first the Norsemen were large men in the first place. They knew this and bragged about themselves due to them being so much larger than typical men—Beowulf, etc. If a large brave man said, “I saw a mean-looking black hairy man who was very broad, scary, and I could only see their cheeks due to bad hair,” what do you think? He was scared and never came back! What he and his crew saw was the continuing multi-million year reign of a micro evolved, ecologically changed Heidelbergensis or Meganthropus.
Why is the Europeanist view so debatable as to who discovered the Americas? The real story is this: Native Americans did it 10-14,000 years before they did. What’s B.S. is since Native Americans weren’t governed with the radical ideas and life of European Transferred-Roman/Greek-Koolaid they simply don’t count. What do the Native Americans say about Heidelbergensis and Meganthropus? They call them Skookum, Sasquatch, Aykia, etc. How did the Native Americans know about Heidelbergensis and Meganthropus if they weren’t discovered by Caucasians yet?  Alas, Haplogroup-X (Native Americans) again weren’t governed by Roman/Greeks so they don’t count. Native American discoveries, thousands of years old, are considered myth by Universities and by Greek/Roman “spoon fed” beliefs.         
So to sum it all up, at least two types of Squatch that are in the Americas, & Australia ecologically evolved from Heidelbergensis and Meganthropus Homos, and they have been here for at least half a million years, made tools, and are continuing their reign living in non-primo niches (roughly 40% of Americas) and have only had a new challenging predator, us, living along side them here for the last 500 years. Native Americans learned their lesson and still tell the stories of the war between them and the giant men of the woods. Now that we are invading and consuming more of the 40% of unsurveyed portions of the Americas, including Canada, more and more sightings have come forth.

  Say hello to Homo Meganthropus. This is Meganthropus III dated at 0.67Mya just north of Java. This skull is massive and science estimates 8-9ft tall. Are these cheekbones wide enough? Strange, this skull looks like the skull that was found in one of the excavations from Victoria Texas in the early 1900’s. Compare Meganthropus to the newspaper’s skull above. It’s hard to tell, but there are brow-ridges and sloped foreheads on these three skulls. The smaller (normal sized) one on the left is very close to Heidelbergensis. Change from what we all have been taught is just around the corner.
     Where are the fossils then? Well, judicial law has prohibited any excavation in the Americas that “could” be “native” related. Feel free to look it up. I appreciate your time.

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