Saturday, June 29, 2013

How & Why Can There Be A Bigfoot? Part 1



How & Why Can There Be A Bigfoot? Part 1 by Jason Judd Team Tracker Member

This is just 1/12th of my theory, which I believe gives an insight on answers. The last known ice age is actually still going on. The last glacial recession is dated 10,000 years ago. It started 2.6M years ago. How many times do you think there were glacial advances and recessions in the past 2.6M years? There were several! Imagine all the “prey species” coming across the Bering Land Bridge during all of these glacial advances. Did predator species follow them? These worldly species got over here somehow right? Deer, Bears, snakes, rabbits, big cats, wolves, insects, skunks, etc—even Lions! The same can be said with the Indonesian bridge to Australia.
 If the smart hominids, which were hunting most of these traveling, worldly animals, were following the “food,” why would we assume that those hominids didn’t cross as well and would be extinct? Did their prey go completely extinct? No. Only the large scary ones did—Bison almost being the last. Did you know that Cynthia Williams & Hannah Marie Wormington (and a few more anthropologists and archaeologists) found arrowheads and tools in Mexico that are dated from 370,000 up to 220,000 years old? The dates were used in conjunction with soil and ash deposits from the volcanic mountain Popo. This exact test was also used in Africa to date other archaeological findings and it brought an accepted peer-reviewed & published journal to science. However, William & Wormington papers were considered fake because it didn’t conform to the accepted theory that Sapiens only have been here for 12-16,000 years. No one considers that our “tool making” brethren, the hominids, might have joined the prey species in their travels to the Americas. Skeletons of Homo Heidelbergensis, whom were 7 ft tall on the average and Homo Meganthropus, whom were 8-9ft tall were both found in Northern China, close to the land bridge and dated to one of the times of glacial advancement (0.8Mya). Why is it so impossible to believe that these two large hominids came across too? Did they just change their way of life, stop hunting animals, and just give up on their 4Million year reign? That’s absurd! (*Laetoli tracks, 3.7Myo—looks squatchy, right?) They did come across, unchallenged in their hunting, free to roam without any other challenging predators until 12-16,000 years ago. They ate meat and now another source of food—pecans, berry’s, fruiting plants. Since we are all born with two sets of teeth, child and adult, I would assume that ecology and food habits may have changed their teething schedule to much sooner and adapt two rows of molars from the incisors back to digest all of this different type of food—chewing, not slicing and gulping food as other predator/omnivores do. Learning how to create fire and cooking meat is another way to pre-digest food. However, I believe that some of the larger hominids did not use fire to cook because raw meat provides more calories for larger demands, and in the same sense, a further chewing requirement as well.   

(Part two to follow)

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