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"Racer X Like Wet Ones"

After Randy Filipovic AKA Racer X's water pipes busted in his apartment rescuers try to push haters Douchebag Don Boucher and Skyla aka Steve Lane back in the ocean after a "Hater hot lunch meeting".
The haters tripped over their huge egos on the way out of the emergency evacuation. Sorry to say the 300 hamburgers and fries and several dozen roasted pigs and cows were lost in the damage. All of Racer X's porn magazines have been destroyed which he kept under his bed.
 All of his autographed pictures of Jim Parsons from"The Big Bag Theory" Richard Simmons, Harvey Fierstein and Rip Taylor have also been destroyed.
He allegedly will be camping out at a local men's room TFN. LMAO
"What goes around, comes around"

"Team Tracker Vermont Expedition July 17th-24th Bigfoot Expedition like no Other"


"Team Tracker Vermont Expedition July 17th-24th Bigfoot Expedition like no Other"

Rick Dyer will take his Team Tracker members
and guests to the beautiful state of Vermont in a few weeks. Make your plans now if you would like to attend.

 Watch video for details

"Haters Hot Roast"


Rick Dyer made a last minute decision to do his Blogtalk radio show last night to address the situation with the latest events from the haters before he heads out on vacation.

Low and behold, like dog on fireplugs, they popped up in the chat room. Both nuts Douchebag Don and Skyla aka Steve Lane. Doing your typical name calling and put downs as usual. Donut Don even had the guts to drop in and throw us the bird.

These people are pathological liars, have no life, no job and no real friends. They resort to adult bulling trying to get attention. They are also potentially dangerous when they make direct threats. Now they are going after Rick's wife and his children. They are even going after me now. Calling me a liar that I did not see Hank's body. Wishing me ill will after just having a heart attack last Saturday night in Vegas.

 Rick has been more than kind to allow these bastards any attention. No one else would.

Douchebag Don even posted that he was outside of Rick's home and uploaded a fake photo of it (see above). I've been to Rick's home. That is not a photo of it. Dumpy Don has no job, lives in his mother's basement. So, the odds of him actually getting to Vegas with no money is ZERO

Rick does not say anything bad about anymore UNLESS they do it first. Then look out, he will give it back with true facts on the fools.

Advise to all haters, keep your mouth shut. Your making assholes of yourselfs. Who are you going to pick on when the body of the Bigfoot goes public? They have already started fighting
amongst themselves. Then I'd love to see your faces when you see Hank on TV's everywhere.

Chris Sands is in charge while Rick is on vacation. I stand behind Chris also, as I do with Rick.

Frank Cali Assistant Vice President Team Tracker

"Man Claims he Found Bigfoot Fossilized Head"

(I found this in the news today and thought you all might like to read it. The jury is out on this one for me)

A Utah man claims he found the fossilized head of Bigfoot, telling a local newspaper about his finding.
“I found a fossilized Bigfoot skull,” said Todd May of Ogden, Utah, according to the Standard-Examiner.
May showed the “fossil” to a reporter at the paper, who described it as a rock that “looks vaguely like a smaller version of one of those Easter Island heads.” It had a pronounced forehead, flat nose, and a “chiseled” jaw and chin, the paper said.
He found it near Ogden Canyon after he spotted it sticking up in the dirt.
“So I went and dug it out, and you couldn’t tell what it was ’cause the head was face down; all you could see was the back of it,” he told the paper. “But when I dug it out you could see the face, perfect.”

May described himself as an avid Bigfoot tracker.
“I’ve been tracking and watching for Bigfoot,” he said. “I’m very curious, interested in that, and wanted to get footage on it ’cause I’ve ran across him a couple of times.”
He said that he knew the fossil belonged to the legendary creature because he had seen it in person several times in the past.
“A couple of nights something was breaking branches and throwing rocks in the water,” May said of an incident around a month ago. “And I thought it was just some obnoxious people or kids or something in the canyon.”

But when he went in for closer look, he said it wasn’t the case.
“It was tall, it was big, it was big around — pretty good size. And it kind of looked back at me and I was just frozen. … So I just stood there with the light on it for a minute, and then I heard somebody across the way yell, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s a monster!’ or something. So somebody else had seen it,” he told the paper.
May’s purported finding comes around a month after a Pennsylvania man called 911, reporting that he had proof of Bigfoot tracks in the woods near his home.
However, when police carried out an investigation, they determined that what the man found was only mother bear tracks.
But the man, John Winesickle, was adamant that Bigfoot made the tracks.
“A bear can’t go down a steep bank on all twos,” he claims “This is Bigfoot.”
He also claimed the beast made noise.
“The voice is so deep,” he told the website. “I’ve heard bass singers on television and they can’t even come close to the bass sound it made to me.”


Saturday, June 29, 2013

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How & Why Can There Be A Bigfoot? Part 2

Leif Erikson around 1,000CE, who is argued with the European discovery of the new world, wrote, “Þeir váru svartir menn ok illiligir ok höfðu illt hár á höfði. Þeir váru mjök eygðir ok breiðir í kinnum.” Translation: “They were black men and evil-looking and had a bad head of hair. They were very broad and could only see their cheeks.”
What does this mean? Well, first the Norsemen were large men in the first place. They knew this and bragged about themselves due to them being so much larger than typical men—Beowulf, etc. If a large brave man said, “I saw a mean-looking black hairy man who was very broad, scary, and I could only see their cheeks due to bad hair,” what do you think? He was scared and never came back! What he and his crew saw was the continuing multi-million year reign of a micro evolved, ecologically changed Heidelbergensis or Meganthropus.
Why is the Europeanist view so debatable as to who discovered the Americas? The real story is this: Native Americans did it 10-14,000 years before they did. What’s B.S. is since Native Americans weren’t governed with the radical ideas and life of European Transferred-Roman/Greek-Koolaid they simply don’t count. What do the Native Americans say about Heidelbergensis and Meganthropus? They call them Skookum, Sasquatch, Aykia, etc. How did the Native Americans know about Heidelbergensis and Meganthropus if they weren’t discovered by Caucasians yet?  Alas, Haplogroup-X (Native Americans) again weren’t governed by Roman/Greeks so they don’t count. Native American discoveries, thousands of years old, are considered myth by Universities and by Greek/Roman “spoon fed” beliefs.         
So to sum it all up, at least two types of Squatch that are in the Americas, & Australia ecologically evolved from Heidelbergensis and Meganthropus Homos, and they have been here for at least half a million years, made tools, and are continuing their reign living in non-primo niches (roughly 40% of Americas) and have only had a new challenging predator, us, living along side them here for the last 500 years. Native Americans learned their lesson and still tell the stories of the war between them and the giant men of the woods. Now that we are invading and consuming more of the 40% of unsurveyed portions of the Americas, including Canada, more and more sightings have come forth.

  Say hello to Homo Meganthropus. This is Meganthropus III dated at 0.67Mya just north of Java. This skull is massive and science estimates 8-9ft tall. Are these cheekbones wide enough? Strange, this skull looks like the skull that was found in one of the excavations from Victoria Texas in the early 1900’s. Compare Meganthropus to the newspaper’s skull above. It’s hard to tell, but there are brow-ridges and sloped foreheads on these three skulls. The smaller (normal sized) one on the left is very close to Heidelbergensis. Change from what we all have been taught is just around the corner.
     Where are the fossils then? Well, judicial law has prohibited any excavation in the Americas that “could” be “native” related. Feel free to look it up. I appreciate your time.

How & Why Can There Be A Bigfoot? Part 1



How & Why Can There Be A Bigfoot? Part 1 by Jason Judd Team Tracker Member

This is just 1/12th of my theory, which I believe gives an insight on answers. The last known ice age is actually still going on. The last glacial recession is dated 10,000 years ago. It started 2.6M years ago. How many times do you think there were glacial advances and recessions in the past 2.6M years? There were several! Imagine all the “prey species” coming across the Bering Land Bridge during all of these glacial advances. Did predator species follow them? These worldly species got over here somehow right? Deer, Bears, snakes, rabbits, big cats, wolves, insects, skunks, etc—even Lions! The same can be said with the Indonesian bridge to Australia.
 If the smart hominids, which were hunting most of these traveling, worldly animals, were following the “food,” why would we assume that those hominids didn’t cross as well and would be extinct? Did their prey go completely extinct? No. Only the large scary ones did—Bison almost being the last. Did you know that Cynthia Williams & Hannah Marie Wormington (and a few more anthropologists and archaeologists) found arrowheads and tools in Mexico that are dated from 370,000 up to 220,000 years old? The dates were used in conjunction with soil and ash deposits from the volcanic mountain Popo. This exact test was also used in Africa to date other archaeological findings and it brought an accepted peer-reviewed & published journal to science. However, William & Wormington papers were considered fake because it didn’t conform to the accepted theory that Sapiens only have been here for 12-16,000 years. No one considers that our “tool making” brethren, the hominids, might have joined the prey species in their travels to the Americas. Skeletons of Homo Heidelbergensis, whom were 7 ft tall on the average and Homo Meganthropus, whom were 8-9ft tall were both found in Northern China, close to the land bridge and dated to one of the times of glacial advancement (0.8Mya). Why is it so impossible to believe that these two large hominids came across too? Did they just change their way of life, stop hunting animals, and just give up on their 4Million year reign? That’s absurd! (*Laetoli tracks, 3.7Myo—looks squatchy, right?) They did come across, unchallenged in their hunting, free to roam without any other challenging predators until 12-16,000 years ago. They ate meat and now another source of food—pecans, berry’s, fruiting plants. Since we are all born with two sets of teeth, child and adult, I would assume that ecology and food habits may have changed their teething schedule to much sooner and adapt two rows of molars from the incisors back to digest all of this different type of food—chewing, not slicing and gulping food as other predator/omnivores do. Learning how to create fire and cooking meat is another way to pre-digest food. However, I believe that some of the larger hominids did not use fire to cook because raw meat provides more calories for larger demands, and in the same sense, a further chewing requirement as well.   

(Part two to follow)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Stop with your plotting you Maniacal Weirdos!

By Alexes Pereira Team Tracker Member

I am ok with your garden variety hater, really I am, some of them used to be my friends. But seriously some of you, (and you know who you are), need to chill. Why not take up the ancient art of Yoga or Tai Chi or maybe some medical grade marijuana.

Get out from behind your keyboards and get outside. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the first thing you do every morning is stalk the Dyer pages and conspire with your creepy cohorts.

If this is you, it is not too late. Get help soon before you end up like locked up in the lunatic asylum just like your crazy Uncle was. If you find yourself typing row upon row of “d”’s in a blog comment section at 3 in the morning, ask yourself if this is a good thing.
If you have more than one FB profile with a pseudonym that wears a superhero costume or cloaked as the Grim Reaper, this is not just geeky; it is beyond freaky.  The next time you find yourself wondering ,"Do I  need to make yet another fake profile with a death mask avatar...???
 No, the aswer is no.

If you feel a badge of pride thinking you belong to some syndicate that is policing the Bigfoot community and saving it from Rick Dyer, it is time to drink a strong cup of espresso and wake the hell up.
We are all adults here, ok I am reaching here, we do not need someone to tell us who to like and who to believe and who to trust. No one will thank you for your supposedly benevolent guidance. Yes, it is a thankless job being a Super-Hater, even the regular haters are yawning at your antics.

This is not some kind of Paranormal Underworld Comic Book that we are living in, please you weirdo’s get hold of yourselves and relax a little. Think about something other than Rick Dyer. Go on a vacation, read a book, whittle a magic Gandolf staff; do something else!

We who support Team Tracker are not harming anyone, we use our real names and we are doing what we can to get on to the next important phase in the Bigfoot community.

Skyla aka Steve Lane and many other of her fake accounts has been busted. this is what haters do when they get caught!

Skyla aka Steve Lane and many other of
 her fake accounts has been busted. Now
she claims Rape threats from my  followers....LMFAO......   This is what
 haters do when they caught....More lies.

The truth is I told my followers to ignore
 the oversize crazy women! TRUST US
Threats..Really maybe that's a sick dream
of hers..LMFAO.

Don Doucher a lonely sick cunt... He has to be to come up sick shit like this! Check out below

Don Boucher
Hello Everybody.

It has come to my attention that Rick Dyer has attacked yet another innocent person , saying that they are attacking him using a dozen names to do so. He has told his followers to harass this person, and they have. Skyla is not involved in this and has not been for a few months. She has been on vacation with her family, instead. She has only one name and that is the only account she ever uses.

Other people use fake accounts for this reason: Dyer has crazies who follow him and these crazies make death and rape threats to females. Dyer's followers have already made death and rape threats to two females who have come out and said they do not believe his claims to have a body. True to form Rick Dyer's followers are still making rape and death threats to females even today.

I told Dyer a long time ago, that if he ever drags another innocent person into this and puts his followers onto them, I would handle this personally. Thanks to Rick Dyer posting his license plate number on the web, I now know where he lives and, this weekend, I will be flying to Vegas to handle this personally. It takes me an hour to get there by plane.

Expect a knock on your door, Rick. This is the last straw.

See you soon don@! :)

"Doctor Zeppelin Tries To Get High"

Doctor Jeff Meldrum is still at the drawing boards with his fantasy idea of trying to locate Bigfoot by air balloon. Talk about a waste of money. Doc Zeppelin along with a group of people are trying to raise $3000,000 to get this helium filled balloon in the air. Their crazy idea is to have the balloon float over the woods and look for are hairy friend. If your looking to waste your money, this group will gladly take your donation.
Bigfoot's stay away from trail cams but these "researchers" think the creatures will not run and hide when they see this giant air balloon flying over the forest.  The entrepreneur involved with Meldrum has a company called "RATS" Remote Aerial Tripod Specialists Inc or I would call it "Reality Ain't The Subject"
Meldrum is soon to become highly discredited when his theory that Bigfoot has what he calls "The Mid-Tarsal Break"is proven to be a bunch of bull. Rick Dyer can confirm as a fact that Bigfoot does not have one. So the Doctors bogus claims will soon be proven wrong. Possibly Doctor Zeppelin will use his "experience" with feet at his local Idaho shoe store as a shoe salesman like Al Bundy. To show his disgust at Meldrum, Rick Dyer burned Meldrum's book (video on blog)
Meldrum will have better luck trying to locate Bigfoot by sending him a text message.  
                                                               Dr. Jeff Meldrum

"Bigfoot Roundtable Discussion Sunday Night 9PM eastern-6pm pacific"


Rick Dyer is on vacation, so please join co-hosts Chris Sands and Frank Cali for a very special show this Sunday night at 9PM eastern, 6 PM pacific with special guests

Christopher Noël author of "Impossible Visits" and "Sasquatch Rising 2013: Dead Giants Tell No Tales: How DNA Breakthroughs and Backyard Visits Reveal the Greatest Story of Our Time"

Jack Barns from Facebook/Findbigfoot


Musky Allen, the first person to view Rick Dyers Bigfoot body in Vegas.

Your calls will be welcomed at 1-818-369-1413
A Bigfoot must. DON'T MISS IT!!!!


"The Origin Of "Haters"

Guest article by
Richard Smothers, Gold Member 
It didn't start with the Internet. In its most primitive and ancient form, it began with graffiti ("Billy is an asshole", "Tina is a whore", etc.), but it really got started with radio-show callers.
Remember the Howard Stern Show? People literally waited on hold for hours just so they could spew bile at anyone who was on the show, regardless who they were. Essentially, it's a type of person who is so deeply resentful of anyone who is receiving any kind of attention that, because of their own self-pity, insecurity and misanthropy, they will, provided they can remain anonymous, of course, attempt to assuage their own self-hatred by shitting on what they perceive as someone they feel doesn't deserve the attention (i.e. anyone but themselves) and attempt to divert some of that attention their own way in the only fashion of which they're capable.
The Internet, with its countless platforms allowing user commentary, has only allowed this to grow like bacteria in a petri dish full of dogshit and rotting meat.

(Thank you Richard for you article. If  YOU would like to submit an article for this blog, please submit to


"Haters Out Of Control"

                                                 (One of the many IM's sent to Lily Dyer)
by Frank Cali Team Tracker Assistant Vice President
Rick Dyer has been getting attacked from the haters for a long time. This week it's gotten out of control as Rick's wife Lily and his children are now getting attacked. One of the worse is Skyla Ballard (Guillen) AKA Steve Lane who went to and all time low and put up a video using one of Rick's children. This is where the line but be drawn and will not be tolerated. This Skyla has been doing videos on YouTube under the fake name of Steve Lane trashing Rick for awhile. Now she has even started on me sending me nasty IM's, calling me a hoaxer because I came forward and stated fact that I have seen the bigfoot body. When I suffered a heart attack last week I started to get comments on Rick's blog that I'm alive today because God gave me a 2nd chance to come clean and to stop hoaxing and supporting Rick. Total bullshit!!!! I I saw what I saw and came forward to state that fact.
Rick Dyer and his family are the nicest people anyone would ever want to meet. Rick and Lilly took all the team members into there home and treated us like royalty last week. I didn't want to leave there.
Some of the haters have gone to full fledged stockers, such as Skyla Ballard. These people are dangerous, have no life, use multiple screen names. They hide behind posting comments as "Anonymous", but when given the chance to call into Rick's show, they will not. Rick has been on the air almost every single night for months and months and has never refused to answer any questions from callers or from people in the Blogtalk chartroom.
Leave Rick's family alone haters. Stooping to use his children in attack videos is where the line has to be drawn. We are the ones who know the truth and in a very short time, the world will also know. Then we will laugh in your faces.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

You should Train as hard as you hate . This is the kind of stuff we don't support, But we will make a exception


"Minnesota Iceman Hoax"


You all remember the stupid rumors a few months ago from the haters that I bought the Minnesota Iceman ?

(Submitted by Cathiee McMillan, one of my very strong supporters. Thank you Cathiee)

Oh my look Mata-Hari.
Guess your Lie about Rick purchasing the M-Ice Man has been Busted:

Museum of the Weird owner Steve Busti announced today that the original Minnesota Iceman is currently in his possession, still frozen, and will soon be exhibited to the world once again in his Austin, Texas tourist attraction. Busti is aiming to have the Iceman set up in his museum and open to the public within a week, with plans for a special Grand Opening event on Saturday, July 13th in cooperation with eminent cryptozoology site

Now isn't that Interesting Mata Wanna try again?
Unless you think Rick owns

(I wonder if they have room for The Loch Ness Monster in that place too, lol)


"Thanks for saving my Daddy"


Thank you Rick and Mr. Dallas for saving my daddy's life. Thanks Mr Dale and Ms. Robin for helping my dad in the hospital. I want to be a team tracker just like your guys and my daddy.


Keaton xoxoxo

"Today's Bigfoot News Laugh"

Time for today's Bigfoot News laugh. I found this on the web this morning.
Click link below for video

"New Team Tracker VP & Assistant VP"

Chris Sands and Rick Dyer
Frank Cali

Congratulations to Chris Sands Team Tracker's New Vice President

and Frank Cali assistant VP

I'm proud to announce my new VP and assistant VP. I know you all will join me in wishing them all the best on their new positions at Team Tracker
We're very close people. Soon you all will see the greatest discovery of our time.

Rick Dyer 6/26/13

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rick Dyer & Team Tracker Special Show Tonight


Rick Dyer & Team Tracker Special  Show Tonight On Blogtalk & Youtube plus Google Hangouts

7  PM Pacific  10 PM  Eastern

Skyla Ballard (Guillen) AKA Steve Lane of Oakland Park , FL has a Unhealthy Fascination with Rick Dyer.....SICK

Skyla Ballard (Guillen) AKA Steve Lane of Oakland Park, FL needs to concentrate on her
own family and losing some pounds instead of having a Unhealthy Fascination  Rick Dyer.
Skyla Ballard (Guillen) has made up fake accounts trying to get close to Dyer after Dyer
rejected her friendship. We don't know why her husband allows this.

A special thank you from Frank Cali


I'm still recuperating and will see my Doctors later today and tomorrow. I wanted to take a moment and thank each and everyone of you for you get well wishes and concerns. This expedition did in fact save my life. The heart attack was waiting to happen, it would have come from walking down the block or going up a few steps. I was very, very lucky to have been with Dallas who saved my life. Dallas is a special man who took his own oxygen off to give it to me. He stayed with me the entire time at the base of the Mt every minute. He knew I was in extreme trouble and radioed back up to Rick Dyer to call the ambulance. When Dale got an IM that I had a heart attack, he and his wife Robin called every hospital in Vegas to find me. Robin is a cardiac nurse and could read the EKG's and also saw the damage to my heart. I was hooked up to a blood pressure alarm that kept going off because I had blood pressure readings to approximately 233 over 111. ALL of the Team Tracker members are very special, caring people. Rick Dyer without question is one of the greatest people on Earth in my opinion. We are the blessed ones to have him in OUR life.


God bless Rick, Dallas and all of the Team Tracker members. Thank you

Monday, June 24, 2013

Team Tracker Show NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6pm pst 9pm est    Chat hang outs

Doctor Says Expedition Saved Frank's Life!

One of Frank's doctors has told me that the Expedition actually saved his life!

Even though Frank is being released today, tests that were done because of his hospitalization revealed some health issues that need to be addressed when he gets home this week.

He's fine to travel but needs to get with his own doctors right away to be sure he stays well.

Expedition 90 was a huge success and a whole lot of fun...I look forward to sharing much more with you in the days to come.

The Dale and Dallas Show...With Special Guest!

One of the highlights of this weekend was Team member Dale Boswell performing a Hank Williams number in an impromptu duet with Dallas Gilbert...and a special guest!

According to Dale, "that was the first time I have made an attempt to play or sing in two years, because of my hand and neck surgeries. could anyone turn down a request to 'duet' with a legend like Las Vegas...for Team Rick Dyer's home!!!"

Enjoy...the talent of Team Tracker!

Expedition 90 Update: Heading Back Today...With A Special Stop Along The Way

Expedition 90 concludes today with Team Tracker members heading back this afternoon with a very special stop along the way... pick up team member Frank Cali, who is being released from the hospital today!

We're all thrilled by the news and can't wait to see Frank up and at 'em again!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Are You Ready For Your World To Change?

Nothing and Nobody Keeps Team Tracker Down!!

Expedition 90 Update: Robin Always Gets Her Man (Healthy)!

To make Expedition 90 a complete success, we tried to plan for any issue we might encounter. So in addition to all the usual precautions you'd expect on a hiking trip that included campers of all levels of experience, we made sure to include an official expedition nurse: Robin Boswell, wife of Team Tracker member Dale Boswell.

Team Tracker member Frank Cali was especially glad that Robin, whose specialty is cardiology, was there for him after he started feeling uneasy on the trail yesterday.

Also, the team didn't have to bring its own emergency oxygen because Dallas Gilbert already hikes with it, and Frank was grateful that Dallas was able to share it with him.

We'll tell you more about Frank in future posts, but be assured that thanks to the forethought and quick thinking of Team Tracker, Frank will be back to his old self again very soon!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Expedition 90 Update: Wayne Reaches Destination One First!

Expedition 90 Update: On Our Way!

Here we are packing up and leaving for Mt. Charleston! (License plates blurred, haters!!)

 Chris Sands always calls shotgun before everyone else...because no one else ever does.

Why I Brought My Team To Mt. Charleston This Weekend

This is a video I made last November that explains why my Team and I are in Mt. Charleston right now. (Haters will get to see me trip!)

New and Upgraded Membership SALE Extended Through The Weekend!

The membership special has been extended through the weekend! 

New Platinum memberships are just $75!

Gold members upgrade to Platinum for just $39!

Silver, upgrade to Gold for $25! 
(Silver, upgrade to Platinum for $64...just upgrade first to Gold, then to Platinum!)

Haters, now's a great chance to join us!

Membership special links are on our home page at

Pinkfoot In Da House!

With much of Team Tracker away on Expedition 90, Vice President Pinkfoot Cindy Shafer is checking in to the blog regularly this weekend. She's already been sparring with haters on the last few blog threads...and getting the best of them every time!

If you have questions for Pink, ask away in the comments. She'll have a look whenever she gets a chance while the rest of her team is away. Haters, supporters, and fence-sitters are all welcome.

REMEMBER...bring it, haters, but we will delete sexual comments faster than it takes you to...well, you get the idea!

Expedition 90 Update: The Dry Run...

The indoor dry run...getting used to tonight's sleeping arrangements!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Expedition 90 Update: Does It Take 40 Acres To Turn This Monster?

'Twas the Night Before Expedition 90!

The Sad Case Of The Florida Yeti

Florida is home to more than just Skunk Apes. The state has its own Yeti, too, and even though it may not stink like a Skunk Ape, its history certainly does. In fact, your chance of glimpsing the creature has become less likely than seeing the real thing.

Here's a brief summary of the character's abominable history:

Ten years ago the Walt Disney Company sent its designers to the Himalayas to research a new thrill ride that would be literally "built around" the Abominable Snowman. It opened in 2006 as "Expedition Everest" in the company's Animal Kingdom theme park in Orlando.

The roller coaster ride was engineered on tracks that wrapped around a replica Mt. Everest, which itself was constructed around the gigantic 22-foot-tall animatronic Yeti, the largest robotic character the company had ever produced.

There was a problem, though. The Yeti was supposed to reach down toward the passing tourists and just miss their vehicle as they escaped to the end of their journey. But the force of the monster's thrusting arm was so enormous that shortly after the ride opened, a crack developed in the figure's base that posed an immediate danger of collapse should the figure be operated again without repairing the damage.

That was easier said than done, however. Because the creature's size required that the ride be built around it, the entire mountain would have to be dismantled at a cost of millions of dollars and many months of downtime.

Disney opted instead to simply turn off the main lights in the Yeti's lair and install a strobe that flashed to simulate movement in the stationary figure, causing it to be nicknamed "Disco Yeti."

Unfortunately, though, the lighting doesn't even strobe effectively anymore. Now the figure is barely perceptible, and most riders barely notice a hint of orange fur above them as they pass beneath the creature.

That is all very unfortunate, because travelers passing through both the regular and "Fast Pass" lines see hundreds of fascinating real and replica artifacts collected or recreated by Disney researchers—including statues, footprint castings, and other memorabilia—all of which were intended to prime riders for their ultimate encounter with the impressive creation.

The Yeti itself was based on actual reports and legendary descriptions, and it has a more "authentic" reddish appearance than one would expect looking at all the white-fur Yetis featured in the ride's gift shop. Presumably the darker Yeti would confuse tourists conditioned to expect a white "Abominable Snowman" by depictions in popular culture. (American tourists in particular see a brown Yeti and think of something closer to home.)

Disney's Yeti is impressive enough that it's a shame it can't simply be enjoyed as a still figure. Is it really better to keep it hidden than to just show it to us for a few moments, immobile though it may be? If you must, hinge its mouth, or make its eyes open and close...anything to make you think it's worth showing to us again. It's too amazing to let it just lurk in the shadows...we already have Yetis that do that!

How Do The Haters Keep Getting Photos Of Hank???

Damn moles!

André or Ted...Which Bigfoot Was Your Favorite?

Which Bigfoot was your favorite?

On the 1970s TV show "The Six Million Dollar Man," two different actors played a bionic Bigfoot who was created by aliens to protect their base in the Pacific Northwest. In the two-part episode that introduced the creature, it was portrayed by wrestler André the Giant in his first American acting role. Afterward it was played by Ted Cassidy, who had most famously played Lurch on "The Addams Family."

When toys were licensed during the original run of "The Six Million Dollar Man," the likeness wasn't based closely on either actor, but the packaging featured Cassidy's Bigfoot. A recent retro-style figure is based on André the Giant, as confirmed by the image on the packaging.

Which was your favorite? At 6'9", Cassidy was always a hulking, sinister presence, while André the Giant was not only taller at (reportedly) 7'4" but also had a wrestler's mass as well as a more sympathetic persona. Do you like your Bigfoots cuddly or creepy?

André the Giant


Ted Cassidy 

Expedition 90 Update: Friday Morning With Dallas and Wayne

Friday caption contest...have at it, Haters!!

"What do you mean you don't serve Bigfoot trackers?"

"You want the KID'S autograph?"

"Bigfoots love pancakes...we'll take all you got."

"OK, now all you have to do is hold the chicken, bring me the toast, give me a check for the chicken salad sandwich..."

"You ran out of side meat and the night cook did WHAT with the Bigfoot in your freezer?"

"We'll have four Grand Slams, Mr. Kulls."

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Expedition 90 Update: Thursday's Arrivals

The first day of Expedition 90 arrivals is now complete with Frank Cali (second from left) and Dave Bradshaw (right) joining Chris Sands, who landed earlier this afternoon.

Could that be a halo over one of those heads?? Haters: discuss!

The Haters' Best Hope: The Bigfoot Trap

How does a hater hope to find a Bigfoot? Since most never go out into the woods, they could always keep a Web cam pointed at the world's only Bigfoot trap:

From Wikipedia:

What is believed to be the world's only Bigfoot trap is located in the Siskiyou National Forest in the southern part of Jackson County, Oregon, a few miles from the California state border. It was designed to capture a Bigfoot (or Sasquatch), the legendary hominid that is said to live in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

The trap is a wooden box 10 by 10 feet (3 by 3 m) made of 2x12 planks bound together by heavy metal bands and secured to the ground by telephone poles. A Forest Service special use permit was issued for its construction, but the door has been bolted open since 1980. Its location was originally remote and predicted to be a good place for a Bigfoot migration, but since the construction of the Applegate Dam, a road is now near the trap.

The trap was built in 1974 by the North American Wildlife Research Team (NAWRT), a now-defunct organization based in Eugene, Oregon, that was inspired to build a trap at the location by Perry Lovell, a miner who lived near the Applegate River, who claimed to have found 18-inch-long human-like tracks in his garden. NAWRT operated the trap, keeping it baited with carcasses for six years, but caught only bears.

Since then the trap had been abandoned and was deteriorating. In 2006 the United States Forest Service, under the Passport in Time program, began to repair the trap. The trap has become a tourist attraction over the last 30 years and hundreds of people visit it annually. At least one film has been shot on site.

The Forest Service keeps an eye on the device, but otherwise does not maintain it. The Collings Mountain hiking trail passes by the Bigfoot trap.