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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"That's all, folks??"

Racer X has posted two videos that he believes expose my story as a hoax. If this is the best he has, then any doubters who watch the videos will surely start wondering if my story is true after all. Never has so much effort been made for such an insignificant result.

Sure the artists' images look different. The people describing the creature to them were not artists, and the artists haven't seen the body. Any description of one of those images could be used to describe any of the others. Morgan Matthews didn't help move the body, he watched us do it. The specific means of preserving the body have not yet been shared, so attempted descriptions by people not familiar with preservation techniques are going to sound confusing when heard by people who also are not familiar with preservation techniques.

I thank Racer X for proving that my story has been as consistent as I have been able to clearly communicate it, over and over and over again since I started recounting it last year. If you can't find a smoking gun after hearing me tell this story hundreds of times over nine months, then I suggest you sit back and wait for your mind to explode on August 15.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dr Matthew A Johnson aka Dr. Douch-Bag is at it again!

Just for the record Dr. Douch-Bag we have more Team members and followers than ever before! We know you had to be drunk when you wrote this or your just to the biggest DOUCH-BAG in the world!! 

Sorry Wrong Douchbag


I just want to extend a hand out and welcome all Rick "The Liar" Dyer Followers to our group. "Team Squatchin USA" is a Bigfoot Facebook Group where you will find both Researchers and Habituators who come from all walks of life. We also have many Newbies too. We are all here to share our information and learn from one another. Unlike a few Bigfoot Facebook Groups out there, our group is civil. Rude and disrespectful behaviors will not be tolerated....... unless they're directed toward Rick "The Liar" Dyer and/or Musky(rat) Allen.

Anyway, you can commence with your RECOVERY in our group. It is a safe place to hangout and you will not be LIED to our HOAXED here by anyone. Don't worry, no one here is going to make fun of you for actually believing that a well known hoaxer who said that he would and could hoax the Bigfoot Community again actually suckered you........ again. Nope! We are all here to wrap our arms around you and give you Big Hairy Hugs. All we ask is that if you ever feel like drinking Kool-Aid again, please talk with us first. Just simply reach out to us and ask for help. We will be more than happy to slap you upside the head if need be. It works if you work it!!!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!!

Dr Matthew A Johnson 
Team Old Man

Friday, May 24, 2013

I felt the need to address these comments by Robert Lindsay, who has been a supporter of my story in spite of our personal differences

  •  Robert's Post

    "Dyer’s inside team is abandoning him. We touched in my last post, but it has been expanding since then. More and more insiders are bailing out. Some of the ones who are leaving say they are afraid of Rick. And more and more of Dyer’s followers are attacking his style and personality. People are saying that is nuts, crazy, a jerk, has a terrible personality, etc. Formerly, Rick’s followers all acted like Rick was the greatest thing on Earth.

     However, most of those leaving are not accusing Rick of hoaxing. They are just bailing out on what looks like a ship of fools that is sinking fast. Rick continues to host his radio shows, but as Noel notes, few are listening anymore. And Rick seems to be getting nuttier and nuttier, waging incessant war on the “haters.” This war seems to be consuming almost all of his time now."

    I felt the need to address these comments by Robert Lindsay, who has been a supporter of my story in spite of our personal differences. Before anyone left or was dismissed from Team Tracker, there were 23 members including myself and my wife. Since then, we have lost eight of those members (three were part of the same family). Two of those eight left on their own, and the others were dismissed for various reasons that are typical for any organization like ours...not playing well with others, giving ultimatums, and so on.

    There are five new members of Team Tracker, and each of them was selected with more care than I chose the ones who I later had to dismiss. Everyone on Team Tracker brings a unique skill and perspective to the group, and we have members representing all corners of the world. None of the former members of Team Tracker was ever an "insider," and I resent the description of my group as a "Ship of Fools." We have extremely smart and talented people on the team, and just as Robert Lindsay has arrived at his belief in my story based on careful research and reflection, so have the members of my team. They may be regarded as fools by the haters, but anyone who believes I shot a Bigfoot should see them as thoughtful, like-minded individuals.

    As Mr. Lindsay states, people who leave Team Tracker do not claim that this is a hoax, unless they never believed in my story at all. And as Mr. Noel suggests, transitions within a team such as mine would certainly cause a hoax to start becoming apparent. On the contrary, my story has become more and more solid with the publication of my book, "I Shot Bigfoot," in which I put into writing such specific story elements as Morgan Matthews' involvement. If I were hoaxing, I would never expose myself to such easy public contradiction.

    As for the use of private Facebook messages to stir controversy where none exists, I remind everyone that Team Tracker has a zero-tolerance policy toward any electronic messages that are shared outside of the original conversation. We simply refuse to even review any of them, as it has been shown that all messages can be easily faked, either through computer skills or special online software, and such "messages" are always provided by individuals who intend to cause pain or harm to others. Besides, we know each other very well on Team Tracker, and our own interactions provide the only clues necessary to assess the character of one another. On that subject, I am completely at peace.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Breaking News!!! Hoaxers Ro Sahebi and Justin Smeja will be on the Spike TV show according to Shabia

Ro Sahebi and Justin Smeja known for the 2010 Bear-Meat-Boy bigfoot hoax is laughing among
people in the Bigfoot Community on how they lied to the production company McNulty Casting Inc for Spike TV. They stated " We have been researching bigfoot for years and considered one of the best Teams..
Sahebi and Smeja have stated they will be the main stars in the Spike TV Show that will start filming soon!
The show is sure to be bad with these clowns in there!

    • Michelle McNulty
      number is
      310 558-7008 ext 200

      • McNulty Casting Inc

Monday, May 20, 2013

Shooting BIGFOOT at Cannes Film Fest

The Works International has announced worldwide sales on four market premieres that they are bringing to buyers in Cannes.
Psychological thriller Snap, which screened at SXSW, is directed by Youssef Delara and Victor Teran and stars Dustin Hoffman’s son Jake Hoffman and Nikki Reed from the Twilightseries.
Following premiere screenings at Tribeca and Hotdocs, the Works has also acquired documentaries Teenage andShooting Bigfoot.
The former explores the birth of the “teenager” in the 20thcentury and is from the writer and producer of Joy Division, Jon Savage and Jacqui Edenbrow. It is directed by Matt Wolf and executive producer is Philipp Engelhorn (Beast of the Southern Wild) of Cinereach.
In Shooting Bigfoot, Bafta-winning director Morgan Matthews goes in search of passionate Bigfoot hunters in the US. Produced by Claire Voyce, it is financed in conjunction with the BFI and BBC Storyville.
The Works will also be selling UK culinary comedy Jadoo, written and directed by Amit Gupta (Resistance) and produced by Richard Holmes (Waking Ned).

The Cannes Film Festival is comprised of several competitions pitting some of the best movies in the world against one another for prestigious prizes and worldwide fame.
It’s also the place movie makers from around the world, who have nothing to do with the official competition, come to shop their wares.
These are five of the strangest sounding films looking for financial backers at Cannes.
Bon chance.
  • 1“American Nudist”

    This documentary bills itself as a modern walk through the exciting world of
    “naturalism." Which apparently involves push-ups. Not natural!
  • 2“Killing Hasselhoff”

    Yes, the Hoff is in Cannes. He's looking for a director for a comedy centered around a celebrity death pool, you know, when people bet on which star is going to die next. "It's hilarious," Hoff told the Hollywood Reporter.
  • 3“Shooting Bigfoot”

    Looking like a modern day “The Blair Witch Project,” “Shooting Bigfoot” is a documentary that follows three search parties through the woods tracking the elusive Sasquatch. We're not going to give away the ending.
  • 4“How to Make Money Selling Drugs”

    This is actually a serious documentary that spells out 10 ways to make money off of drugs.
    There are several big name actors in it as well, like Woody Harrelson and 50 Cent - that give their two cents on the nation's drug laws.
  • 5“Explanation of Confinement”

    What would happen if your head got stuck in a turtleneck sweater? How long could you last trapped in a garbage shoot? These questions and more are answered in this Russian short film.

Daz Quick reviews "I Shot Bigfoot" over at Dyer Obsession Central

Daz Quick reviews "I Shot Bigfoot" over at Dyer Obsession Central

Former Team Tracker member Daz Quick has reviewed my new book, "I Shot Bigfoot," over at Racer X's website. I guess it's a review, but it's in Racer X's favorite format, copy/pasted Facebook messages.

I didn't read much past the first paragraph, which states that the book is a good read. Enough said. So far all the hater reviews at least acknowledge that. Imagine how much more you'd be hearing about my book from them if they thought it was boring and hard to read, sort of like their reviews?

Daz has some issues with details in the book, and I'm touched that he obsessively cataloged my every word over the last several months. But Daz knew that I said from the beginning that some stories were going to have to be altered along the way, mainly to confuse people like Daz who were determined to go over to the Dark side.

The book is 100% accurate, and Daz is welcome to write his own book about this whole thing. He can call it, "How I Let Myself Get Cynical and Fall Into The Trap Rick Dyer Set For Potential Turncoats."

Sunday, May 19, 2013

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Bigfoot Spotted in New Mexico?

Whether you believe in the creature or not, a handful of people across the America are convinced that Bigfoot exists and are out to prove it.
In 2011, footage emerged from the Valles Caldera in the Jemez Mountains in northern New Mexico of what appears to be a large mammal caught on thermal imaging, grabbing the attention of field researchers as well as Animal Planet’s series Finding Bigfoot.
After discovering the video, the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) decided to investigate further and traveled to New Mexico in an attempt to determine the size of the creature on video by comparing it with their own thermal imaging of a team member from the exact location.
Local channel KRQE News 13 picked up on the story this week and revealed their own 2008 interview with Tom Biscardi, a 40-year veteran to the hunt for Bigfoot who showed the news crew what appeared to be footprints near Farmington, N.M. Sightings of the creature, KRQE notes, have been reported in the area since 1998.
In their own search, the BFRO heard stories from local citizens at a town hall meeting Jemez Springs.
”I woke up in the middle of the night, went to get out of the bed. My window faces this way, and there was something in my window. It didn’t have a neck at all,” one local resident explained.
Of course, some skeptics have their doubts. Ben Radford, managing editor of Skeptical Inquirer Magazine, explained to KRQE that the lack of a dead body of one of the creatures leaves a hole in the theory.
“If the creatures are out there they have to die somewhere why hasn’t anyone found them?” Radford he said.
Many commenters on the news story added their own theories—namely that the creatures could be intelligent enough to bury their dead. Either way, the hunt is still on in New Mexico—and across the country—for Bigfoot.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

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The hate site falling apart...

Looks like the hater group is falling apart, the members are getting upset, And the Photoshop is the best they can do!!!

We want to thank to our fans in denied for all your time invested without you we won't be here!!

By Tracker 007

P.S Thanks for the screenshots Shane Corson but we don't like back stabbers, so the answer to your
request is HELL NO!! But Thanks

Friday, May 17, 2013

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Past members of Team Tracker and others are somewhat delusional

She is a past member of team tracker who is only good for one thing showing her tits to everyone and when people complained to me I had no alternative but to block her from the Google Hangouts. Her main goal in life is to try to impress guys by showing her tits and talking dirty and she craves attention. From a guys perspective that's a whore.
It's kinda of sad how she bragged to the team about how many guys she messed with on a un-named expedition. As far is tracker goes she was never a trusted member and she was kicked out.
AT first jazz seem to be a really nice guy but mid way through everyone told us that he was in for OTHER motives. Our mistake was not changing my password.
At the end his motivation was money. If he would stop using his poor brother as a excuse and get off his ass and get a job he would have less time for backstabbing.
Jazz was kicked off the team for giving us ultimatum $500 or he would take the logo's down that he gave us for free.
It's hard to hear the truth.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Racer X is now being honest about his Dyer Obsession!"

"Racer X is now being honest about his Dyer Obsession!"
Ha ha! Racer X has a new banner that pretty much sums up his Dyer Obsession: "All Dyer All The Time!" I thought it was someone making fun of him when I first saw it, but it's real!

Also, he doesn't seem to understand that different computers and different systems have different fonts. In Merry Olde England the computers must still be medieval!
He and his new henchman "The Fool" also can turn Facebook messages into fuzzy snow! That's about right for the frosty world of copy/hate that they live in.
Racer X, I dub thee "Sir TL,DR"!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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Well, seems Jas Smith is at it again. Does he really think he can break Team Tracker apart?

Well, seems Jas Smith is at it again. Does he really think he can break Team Tracker apart? He is now pimping himself to anyone who'll print his copy/paste Photoshop antics.
Here is a screen capture of a conversation Jas and I had last week:

Or did we?? Think before you take the word of a turncoat, people.
"Beware Of More Antics From Team Hacker"

Jas has teamed up with Randy Filipovic AKA Chuck Cheese, They look good together!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Back up and Running! We are back up and Running at Team Tracker Bigfoot 4:00am

Team Tracker is still the talk of the town! Not bad for so-called hoax that has been busted 50 times!!
The fact is no-one has any evidence this is a hoax and it's killing them!!

Breaking News!!!Jas Smith ,Shawn Evidence and Zenyeti hacked our site!


Our website was hacked tonight by a former team member who was recently dismissed for demanding payment for voluntary graphic design work. Jas Smith has fallen on hard times and has gone to desperate measures and took a bribe from Shawn Evidence to attempt to perform a terrorists act on Rick Dyer.
while back ups were in place, we have decided to create a new webite.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

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Tim Fasano's own words about his hoax!

Fasano said today that he wasn't a hoaxer and that we chopped up the video and took it out of context! That is 100% false Here is Fasano and his own words! He contradicts the statement he made today. This proves he's a dis-honest and a hoaxer. Fasano we all make mistakes admit it and move on. You are a very dedicated to Bigfoot, But 900 video's doesn't make you any better than anyone else!

Happy Mothers Day and GOD Bless Everyone from Team Tracker

Happy Mothers Day and GOD Bless Everyone from Team Tracker

Saturday, May 11, 2013

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Rick Dyer and Friends Live with co-host Chris Sands and Guest Dallas Gilbert

Bigfoot News May 10, 2013 (From Robert Lindsey Blog)

Bigfoot News May 10, 2013

Update on the Rick Dyer story. The word out among the deniers of the Rick Dyer story of killing a Bigfoot is that the story has been exposed as a hoax, and it’s all over. No one believes it anymore, Team Tracker folks are leaving and being thrown out, and Dyer has left the Bigfoot community.
It is true that some folks who were on the fence has moved over to the hoax camp. A tiny number who thought the story was true have also moved into the hoax camp. Team Tracker folks are not leaving. I am not sure if a few have been thrown out or not. Dyer has left the community, but he continues to update his blog.
Bottom line is the story has not been proven to be a hoax at all. Shooting Bigfoot, the movie, was a disappointment, but only because we thought it would show excellent proof that Rick shot a Bigfoot. It did not do that, but it also did not prove that it was a hoax. Instead it left it up in the air. The last three minutes of the movie is shocking footage, and it in no way shows what has been proven to be a mask or a man in a suit. In fact, it does not look like either.
People still in the Dyer Camp. Facebook/Find Bigfoot, Christopher Noel and I are still in the Dyer camp. FB/FB say they still stand by the story 100% (but they contradict this somewhat in holding out a tiny % of a chance that Rick has pulled off the most unbelievable and impossible hoax in history), and I believe Noel does too, though it was hard to get him to put a % on it. I now believe in the story 90%, down from 100% before. But I still think there is some meat here.
Christopher Noel’s six points in favor of the Rick Dyer story. Noel is apparently still a 100% believer in the Dyer story. He recently listed six points in favor of the argument that Dyer shot a Bigfoot:
1) Back in September, Rick told FB/FB the whole story but swore them to secrecy. To their credit, they kept the information in the vault. Three months later, Robert Lindsay leaked the story of the killing, and only then did Rick speak of it publicly. This is not at all the profile of someone pushing a hoax, and a very different MO from back in 2008. Rick had made an agreement with Minnow Films not to reveal what happened that night in San Antonio, and he was sticking to it, but once the information was out, he confirmed it.
2) Morgan Matthews and Minnow Films have now had five months to come forward and deny Rick’s version of events, which they have consistently failed to do, even now, in the wake of the documentary premiere. If Rick’s story were a hoax, Matthews and Minnow would be making themselves complicit with their recent and current behavior, a choice that would have a devastating impact upon their professional credibility and their standing in the film industry going forward.
I do not side with those who believe that participating in some grand hoax merely in order to shame and ridicule the Bigfoot research community would be a profitable approach.
As they well know, the truth will inevitably emerge (and probably quite soon), and if Matthews and Minnow were to turn out to have been complicit in such a hoax, their product would instantly become irrelevant and widely dismissed because it would have failed to use this trick in any meaningful way within the film itself and would be rightly seen as just manipulating and belittling its audience in addition to mocking its documentary subjects.
3) At the end of Shooting Bigfoot, the director sits on a plane, headed back home to England, face still black and blue from his recent violent encounter in the woods. We hear his voice explaining that “a viewer could reasonably conclude that I was attacked by someone in a suit.” This is all that he is willing to say, leaving us to mull it over and anticipate the sequel. (If there were to be no sequel, why end the current release with such a coy and blatant dot dot dot?)
Between the end of filming in San Antonio and the Toronto premiere, Matthews had nearly eight months to carefully craft his project in the editing room; as an experienced filmmaker, he can be assumed to have made highly conscious choices, based on proven storytelling techniques.
Why choose the precise language he did–“a viewer could reasonably conclude…”–unless he plans to execute a worthy twist along the lines of: “But that viewer would be wrong!”? Even the most die-hard Dyer detractors cannot honestly propose that the sequel (or an expanded director’s cut) will pick up the dramatic thread like this: “And that viewer would be…CORRECT…ha ha! No surprise here at all, folks!”
4) In his post-premiere interview, the director goes out of his way to answer a question that nobody is asking. “People want to know whether I transported a Bigfoot body. No, I did not.” Why set up a straw man to knock down instead of engaging directly with the question everyone is asking? That question would be: “Did you, Morgan Matthews, witness Rick Dyer killing and then transporting a Bigfoot body?” Matthews’ peculiar sidestepping and blatant refusal to weigh in on this matter further bolsters point #3.
5) In February, on his show Rick was asked whether the Sasquatch body has ten fingers and toes. He responded, “Yes. Well…it’s missing a pinky.” This portion of the show lasted about fifteen seconds, lost amid hours of meandering conversation and the typical bashing of “haters.” Fast forward two months, when Rick was asked to tell his audience something they didn’t already know, and he said, “Do you remember when I said he was missing a pinky?” Neither Daz nor Pink remembered that at all. But I did.
I don’t believe that Rick Dyer is a clever enough storyteller (if he’s telling a mere “story”) to hold such random facts stable in his head over months and hardly ever make use of them. I am sure folks will violently disagree, but to me this is the kind of narrative coherence that seems persuasive and beyond the skills of this man as “fiction writer.”
6) Dyer has maintained since the beginning of this whole saga that his main investor is someone everyone has heard of. I have now confirmed (through three independent sources) that this person is Hank Williams, Jr. This is why Dyer is calling the dead Sasquatch “Hank,” to honor his sponsor. I find this fact to be yet another indication of the overall coherence of the story, the way that details consistently presented since the beginning keep eventually proving accurate. Hoaxes and scams tend to fall apart over time. This story just keeps getting stronger.
Christopher’s six points are excellent and are good evidence that this is not a hoax.
Hank Williams, Jr., reputed to be one of Rick Dyer's major investors in the Bigfoot body.
Hank Williams, Jr., reputed to be one of Rick Dyer’s major investors in the Bigfoot body.
Expert analysis of the Hank (the Bigfoot Rick shot) photo in Shooting Bigfoot. One photo of Hank from Shooting Bigfoot has been released. Minnow Films quickly told me and others to take it down and we did. I showed the still to a friend of mine who works in a museum with replicas. He is one of the world’s top experts in these model replicas.
He said that the Hank still is not a man in a costume, and it is not a mask. He said it is either a Bigfoot or it is CGI. However, if you look in the credits for Shooting Bigfoot, there are no CGI or special effects credits listed. Therefore, my friend assumes it is a real Bigfoot.
Facebook Find Bigfoot has shut down their page.” This is the latest lie going around from the Dyer deniers. Since FB/FB shut down their page, this proves the Dyer story was a hoax, and the hoax is now proven and busted. FB/FB had pinned all their hopes on the Shooting Bigfoot movie as having concrete evidence of Hank being killed. If the movie did not have such evidence, they said, they would shut down their page. The movie did not have that evidence, but it did not prove the story was a hoax either, so it was pretty much a wash.
The deniers and haters are who shut the page down, not FB/FB. The trolling and hostility had become so bad that FB/FB said they were suspending their page until further notice due to all the trolling by the haters. At some point in the future, they might open the page back up again. They don’t want to ban all the haters because they are not into censorship. So FB/FB did not shut down their page at all; they suspended it. And they suspended it due to hater trolling, not for any other reason.
Stills from Shooting Bigfoot being analyzed. The FB/FB guys are going over 65 stills from the movie and analyzing them. They also have video taken from the movie. Their conclusion is that this footage is of a real Bigfoot, and it is at least as good as the Patterson footage and possibly better. Musky Allen has also seen all of these stills and he told me that cumulatively, they are better than the Patterson footage. I think that their analysis is correct, but I have not seen all of the footage yet.
FB/FB Breakdown of Shooting Bigfoot footage will not be released. This is because of take-down threats by Min now. Any footage released will be subject to a Minnow takedown threat, so it will not be forthcoming.
I will receive all footage from Shooting Bigfoot soon. I am due to receive all 65 stills from the movie along with video footage from the flick. I can’t tell you who I will get it from, but it won’t be from FB/FB or Musky Allen; it will be from someone else instead. This stuff is starting to float around the web now.
“Morgan Matthews proved that Rick’s story is a lie.” This is the latest denier story going around. Supposedly Morgan proved that Rick’s story is a lie when he said he did not help load a Bigfoot onto a truck and he did not help transport a Bigfoot across a country.
Rick has cleared all of this up for us. Rick says that for some reason, Morgan never took any footage of Hank after he was killed. Morgan simply said they were done shooting for the night and were leaving in the morning. Rick said that Morgan watched the Bigfoot being loaded into the truck but he did not help load it. In addition, only Rick and his investors transported the body across the country. Morgan and his team left that morning.
You cannot buy a copy of Shooting Bigfoot from Minnow Films. Early inquiries to Minnow had them telling us that you might be able to buy a copy of the movie from them. However, the most recent word we heard from them was this:
“I’m afraid we aren’t selling copies of the film yet as we don’t have the distribution rights to sell the copies of the film as of yet.”
It looks like only BBC may have distribution rights to the film at the moment, unfortunately.
Hank’s body will be released on August 15. Lily Dyer has said that Hank will be released to the public on August 15. This is the famous date of the Rick Dyer 2008 Bigfoot hoax. This is not a coincidence and either means that Rick is going to screw us again on that date as an anniversary present or he is going to redeem himself on that date by showing us a real Bigfoot.
Christopher Noel and FB/FB feel that Dyer is on a mission to be redeemed, and I agree with that view, as odd as it seems. The need for redemption for his sin or crime for whatever reason shows an interesting side to Rick that shows us that he has good qualities to his personality and he is not all bad. After all, only the good seek redemption for their sins. Whether the redemption is motivated by narcissism or by some higher mortal feeling is not particularly important.
Why doesn’t Rick release the body now? It’s not his to release. Apparently it is owned by either his investors or a Las Vegas casino right now, so it is not up to Rick to decide when or if to release the body. I am sorry it had to go this way – Hank landing in the hands of the capitalists. Would be a lot better to make a public display of donating it to the Smithsonian, perhaps, after first being proven real by say Jeff Meldrum or someone of that stature. The great scientific discoveries of our time are not exactly best served being owned by the profiteers.
Why did Matthews make such cryptic statements about Shooting Bigfoot? No one knows why Matthews made such cryptic comments. I have been asking around, but I have not gotten any answers yet. Here is the interview post-screening with Matthews.
The Bigfoot that attacked Morgan was only 6 feet tall. Supposedly Matthews said that the Bigfoot that attacked him was only 6 feet tall, and Hank is 8 feet tall. However, I am not sure that Morgan really made that statement and I am looking into it.
Dyer deniers still planting fake stories with me. I am still receiving fake stories from the Dyer deniers, probably the group around Don Boucher. The latest one was a photo of Hank supposedly from a relative of Rick’s wife Lily. This photo is obviously a Bigfoot mask. At this point, the Dyer haters are hoaxing us a lot more than Rick is.
FB/FB #2 Camper Video plus full sound. If you have not yet seen this excellent breakdown video, you really need to watch it. I liked it a lot.
Homo Heidelbergensis drawings. Here are some H. Heidelbergensis drawings that I found on the web. Heidelbergensis is thought to be what Bigfoots actually are. See how similar they look to the drawings of Bigfoots by people who have seen them.
Homo Heidelbergensis with a spear. This one is a lot stockier with a primitive looking face.
Homo Heidelbergensis with a spear. This one is a lot stockier with a primitive looking face.
The photo above, like the others, looks a bit too much like Sapiens.
Homo Heidelbergensis. I think he looks a bit too human in this drawing.
Homo Heidelbergensis. I think he looks a bit too human in this drawing.
Once again, too much of a Sapiens bias in the drawing above.
Closeup up of H. Heidelbergensis from the spear photo. Note the primitive, apish looking face.
Closeup up of H. Heidelbergensis from the spear photo. Note the primitive, apish looking face.

Team Tracker Member Chris Sands!

  In 1990 I was 11.  Before high school I spent a lot of time at my friends house on Gallison Hill in Montpelier.  His house was just on the edge of the city limits, and located very close to Union 32 High School (U32).  Everything that happened to my friends and I happened within the small area between the bottom of Gallison Hill and U32. 

  So in the early 90's, there were 5 of us that spent a lot of time at my friend Matt's house.  My older brother, Jeff, was also close friends with my buddy's brother, Larry.  They had another friend named Jim, and he was also usually around.  We spent a ton of time outside and often played late.  There was many times when we would come in between 2 and 3 in the morning. 

  One night I was up late playing video games with Matt.  Suddenly Jim and Larry came running in the house claiming that something was in the woods.  They could hear it making this strange noise.  They looked pretty scared, and of course I wanted to go and check it out.  Larry was hesitant to go back outside and Matt was too immersed in video games. I looked at Jim and he said OK. It was the middle of winter.  I remember putting on all my gear to go outside. We sat on the snow behind the garage facing the woods.  There is about 200 feet of lawn between the garage and the line of trees.  It was very quiet that night, and I was pretty shaky.  I wasn't hearing anything though and Jim told me to just wait.  He said "At first it sounds like a dog barking, but it's not!".  After a few minutes I started to hear it.  He was right too, a dog barking, but not. We sat there and listened, but the more you listened, the more strange it sounded and the more intense the mood was.  The only other way I can describe it is to imagine a pipe being hit with a wrench wrapped in cloth. Super creepy!  It didn't take long before we darted inside. 

  The following summer there were two encounters that I recall.  One of them was a footprint that we found in the woods one day.  For the longest time I never thought about that, but as I look back on it now, I am able to place significance on that day.  We were playing at the tree line and one of the guys noticed a footprint in the mud right along the edge of trees.  A bare foot.  At the time we did not think anything about the footprint, it just looked like and adult footprint in the mud.  The only thing we wondered was where that guys shoe had gone, because he must have lost it in the mud.

  The other encounter that summer was way more intense. The usual four, Larry, Jeff, Matt and myself decided to play some late night hide and seek.  Jeff and Larry went to hide first. Matt and I hung at the house for a few minutes before going to seek.  We proceeded to walk down the main road to start seeking at the bottom of the hill.  The plan was to work our way back up towards the house.  At the time, on the opposite side of the road there was only one house.  It belonged to friends of ours that we knew from school, but on that particular night they were on vacation.  The house was situated so that the garage is on the east and up the hill from the main building. It was detached from the home and surrounded by gravel that was also laid down on the driveway.  We approached the garage first and checked the doors to see if maybe our brothers had gone inside to hide.  However, all the doors were locked. 

  While we were standing there kind of looking in the garage and out in the field behind the home, we started to hear a strange noise.  Matt looked down and we could see pebbles hitting the gravel.  We quickly realized that the pebbles were rolling down the roof of the garage and landing all around us.  Our first assumption was that Jeff and Larry were on the other side of the garage, chucking little rocks at us.  We thought we had them trapped.  We knew exactly where they were and had an easy capture.  Since the garage was not attached to the home, we were able to circle the garage, each of us going in an opposite direction.  Within 2 or 3 seconds we met on the other side, dumbfounded because neither Jeff or Larry was there.  No one was there.  The panic didn't really set in until the pebbles started coming down on us again.  Now they were coming from the other side, rolling down the roof of the garage and landing on the gravel.  We immediately took off running back up the hill.

  We went full speed back to my friends house and slammed the door behind us.  We stood inside the house trying to grasp what had just happened.  But much to our surprise, Jeff was sitting at the dining room table halfway through a bowl of Captain Crunch and Larry was standing at the fridge pouring a glass of tea. Jeff looked up at me and said "What the hell! Where have you guys been? We waited forever for you and finally decided to come back to the house." I looked at Matt.  He didn't know what to say.  I said "What do you mean? We were just down by the Kitchens' house and we thought you were throwing stones at us."  My brother responded "No, we've been back for almost 2 hours.  You guys have been outside all this time.".  2 Hours!  We lost 2 hours while looking for our brothers.  It seemed like 5 minutes to us.

  The following winter we had another encounter.  All five of us where there and we decided to go for a late night walk up to U32.  Mother nature dumped over a foot of snow on us during the day and walking was tough work.  When we reached the Soccer field that sits to the south of the school building, we noticed a light emanating from the woods.  This was further off from the school beyond the baseball field, right at the tree line.  We were all familiar with this area and we knew that there was no light there.  No flood lights, no street lights, nothing.  But there it was, about 30 feet off the ground, up in a tree.  As soon as we noticed the light, Matt and I decided to not approach it any further.  Larry, Jeff and Jim wanted to get closer to inspect, so they went on without us.  Matt and I stood still, watching their every step.  After closing about half the distance to the tree line, the guys stopped.  They stood there, staring at the light.  They didn't speak, just stood there.  After a few minutes, they turned around and returned to where Matt and I stood.  "What?  What happened?" I asked.  "Nothing, we just got too scared!"  Too scared?  I've never heard my brother say he was too scared.  That was the only time.  After that we went back to the house, and never saw the light again.

  Many years later, I was approached by Christopher Noel.  He came to me for assistance with producing a DVD companion that was to be sold along side his new book, Impossible Visits.  I told him that I was a bigfoot enthusiast and he gave me a copy of his book.  I read it over the next couple of days and my life was changed.  I became convinced that everything that had happened to myself and all the guys up on Gallison Hill had in fact been a Sasquatch, messing with us kids!  I immediately contacted Christopher and told him about my experiences.  (Readers may note that Impossible Visits makes no mention of people seeing lights in the woods.  I asked him right away if that was normal.  He responded that lots of people report seeing lights, but that he chose to leave that out of his book.)

  Fast forward to this year.  When the Musky Allen story broke, I asked Chris Noel if he believed Ricks claims of shooting a bigfoot.  He told me it was true.  I've supported Rick Dyer 100% since that day.  I've spent many nights burning the candle at both ends, making sure that I got into every Google Hangouts that I could.  I've only missed a handful of Hangouts since then, but I will always remember back in the beginning when Rick called us all out during the show, and told us that he would remember our faces.    Rick has always expressed his deep appreciation for the support that he has gotten, and I will continue to stand by him.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Rick Dyer and StickFoot Tom tonight Live at 6pm PST 9pm EST Chat
Team Tracker or gold members only , must have webcam!

No More Negativity!

"Don't argue with stupid people, they drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience" - Mark Twain..

The bear-meat Boy Hoex members Shawn Evidence,Justin and Ro Hanging out!

If you have been harassed, threaten or violated by Steve Kulls in any why shape or form Please contact us

If you have been harassed, threaten or violated  by Steve Kulls in any why shape or form Please contact us at  !

Complaint Id: I1305100428280632
Police Report # 0028896472013
Other Reports filed
47 USC sec. 2

{Retraction} Liam Gray and his dogs

{Retraction} It has come to our attention a story that we published on 05/08/2013
about Liam Gray and his dogs was found to be 99% false! The 1% truth  he does own a dog!
Our source for this information Gary Parker apologizes for the small error!

It's funny how people can take one percent of the truth and turn it completely around and make you look as bad as possible! ;) Rick Dyer has dealt with this daily!

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Steve Kulls is acting like a internet terrorist once more! FACEBOOK WARNED

Steve Kulls is acting like a internet terrorist again!

#1 Kulls influenced people who had video's on FBFB's youtube account . He encouraged them
to lie and say they never gave them permission to use the videos. FBFB's page was deleted by youtube!

#2 Kulls and others released personal/private information about Dyer that lead to a home invasion
endangering Dyer and his family.

#3 Dyer and FBFB isn't the only victim's of Steve Kulls, Many more are out there please
contact for more information!

#4 We have proof that we submitted today to facebook,youtube and blogger that Kulls ask
everyone to falsely report any account that belongs to Dyer or his supporters!

#5 Kulls has arrived at a dead end of his life! He's very unhappy ,so he does his best trying
to make others feel the same way.