Monday, March 11, 2013

More personal Bashing From Randy Filipovic AKA Peter Pan!

This man was unable to phase Dyer therefore now he's attacks Facebook find Bigfoot. Release in your personal information personal photos. Wow that makes him somebody. Well maybe to Michael Merchant  known as a racist against blacks and Jews. Merchant loves to play dress up also maybe they can get together. 2 can play at this game then we have been in contact with several members of his dress up group and he is known as the weird one. I have people in Canada that lives really close to this weirdo digging up information.

Who is in there little group.

Randy Filipovic 50 year old man who likes to play dress up in medieval gear role playing with children, dedicates most of his free time collecting pictures of Rick Dyer has a site dedicated to Rick Dyer. Restricted from eating at Chuck E Cheese.

Mike Merchant another 50 year old guy who also likes to play dress up but merchant has a dark side he is a known an admitted racist towards Jews blacks and all Christians.

Sean openly supports both of these men openly supports hoaxes. Started up a blog site to promote the bear meat boy hoax. Supports giving out personal information and does it himself. Now we will go on the attack again Sean and we will release all his personal information very soon. Tit for tat

People send me stuff everyday to post but I thought this is really interesting. This was taken all of Sean evidence blog. This was 1 of the comments.

Check out this comment on Shawn evidence's blog, this dude lay's down the
Funny how this entire post has backfired on Shawn and fired Mall cop Kulls, sorry I mean Detective Kulls lol.
Change this blogs name to Bigfoot Evidence WTF because this place has became a crap hole of pushing agendas on people they dislike instead of actually providing something useful about Bigfoot.
Who cares about FB/FB and what the guy eats, sleeps and shits. I mean if nobody here wants to hold Merchant responsible for his racist rants caught on several videos, of which he even tried to remove but failed,......then why bother pointing out at peoples shit?
Seriously, if you want to bicker about what's a hoax, who's using what name this week, and what their motives are then keep at at a level playing field because Shawn/Kulls/Tazer got a lot of things that need explained.
Merchant is a racist against Jews/Blacks as caught on several Youtube videos he unsucessfully tried to hide.
Kulls has been telling convention organizers, researchers and tv producers that he's a 10 year+ law enforcement officer when a quick background check revealed he was a former Wal-mart cop who was fired. By telling people I am a law enforcement officer, you are implying to us all MUCH MORE than a SECURITY GUARD geez!! LMAO
And finally......lets not forget Shawn...poor Shawn, the guy who spent so much time crying and"afraid" because someone told him Dyer was out to get him etc... so now this blog has become a propaganda machine against anything Dyer related and less of a Bigfoot blog with worthwhile stories.
And that's only the tip of it:
But fill up the blog with dick and gay jokes as you all will do because the majority of you all probably work at Wal-mart yourselves or collect money off your state while playing video games on your couch all day in your parents basement.
Shawn supported a hoax(Justin bear-meat) and pushed it for monetary gains all the while

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Anonymous said...

Great Post! It is beyond me why people support Team Tazer and Shawn evidence. They don't even believe in bigfoot. Once Rick shows the body I can't wait to see all the people quickly disassociate themselves with Team Tater. It's fine to not believe Rick but all the trashing on a personal level is sickening. Debunk the tent video .... oh thats right you can only say it's fake and not prove it's fake. Can't wait until theres no more team tazer and some of it's goons.