Friday, November 23, 2012

Tim Mitchell blows off some steam and ask "What does Bigfoot mean to you?"

What does Bigfoot mean to you?

 Many people think Bigfoot is a real species and love go out and hunt for the legendary creature and some investigators have even seen him first hand. me personally I'm still out in the woods waiting for my own sighting. myself personally i don't even have a blog and even if i did i wouldn't even bother to make money off of it. i might be able to but it really isn't about that to me and don't worry i have all the people saying if you love Bigfoot so much why not make money on it?

When Shawn evidence offered me a job after talking to him for awhile i was kinda shocked. he told me he had written a program to find all Bigfoot news on the net to get emailed right to him. at the time i should have asked him for more info but i knew he was a programmer so it didn't surprise me he could have written a program like that. later i find out anyone can do the same thing through yahoo filters even lol. somethings i guess you just need to learn the hard way but he had me totally fooled. like his numbers of 700,000 hits a month offering me 10 dollars a blog as long as i could produce at least 20 to 30 a month. now remind you this is what i do for fun anyways, i find stories as fast as he did and even sent him different stories sometimes that he would write a blog about. other times he would do it a day or two later b/c i didn't tell him but either way he is just a blogger.

 A blogger in my mind is someone who just finds a hot subject and writes about it and sells space on their page for money and the more hits you get, chances are the more money you will Shawn evidence has never been an actual researcher out in the bush and doesn't even believe in Bigfoot but is willing to make as much money on the subject as he can. if i could help him hit a million a month I'd get a raise and we would talk more about money at a later point but once i realized who i was dealing with, i decided not to sell my soul to the Bigfoot devil and not go about it for the money just b/c i have no life and love reading bf stories.

I know by even mentioning his name he will get more hits and i have thought a lot about that but by hopefully releasing some real information on him people can make up their own minds. Timmy on his little posts on his page is actually Shawn evidence himself to create more attention to his site. now this is totally my opinion only but i think some tazer people help him out with the so called "trolls". i really hope Michael merchant is involved in his game b/c he is the only person from tazer that actually is an awesome researcher that i have seen. i just hope he isn't being tricked by the Shawn evidence name.

The more controversy the better so I'm only making this one blog but i hope a lot of the newbies get to see this. Shawn evidence doesn't write a post he "shares" a story and writes about 8 lines ahead of it. people are always bitching about other peoples blogs not being original but Shawn evidence only has about 4 blogs of his own in the past year.

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Tim Mitchell said...

haha could have picked a better pic, i dont want to get ohio bigfoot hunters involved and i am wearing on of their shirts. so for the record everyone obh hates me as much as tazer and im not a member in either group and never will be again

Anonymous said...

Michael Merchant was ok till he started team tazer and now he's calling blobs bigfoot!

Anonymous said...

Merchant sucks now.