Thursday, November 29, 2012

More 1980's Russian Propaganda from Shawn Evidence(Sanh Oriyavong)


                                               Epic Battle Between Two Giants:
                                              Michael Merchant vs Derick Randles                                                      

Ladies and gentlemen! In this corner, wearing a beanie with the beard, survivalist Michael Merchant. In the other corner, the master of the spiral, one who can hike 50 miles in a day, Derek Randles.

                               Why even try to put Merchant in the same category with Randles?
  Mr. Sanh Oriyavong thinks if he puts Merchants name out their with top researchers he gets credible. Wishful thinking!  More like Merchant VS Bravo..

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Anonymous said...

Forest Mindspeaker: Sanh you should quit defending your complicit buddies...You're letting everyone know who is part of the hoax.