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The Truth about the Sierras Kills Hoax and Why people believe Lies

*Justin,Ro and Shawn Evidence was all friends way before the hoax
*Ro and the Polygraph Examiner knew each other before the hoax
*Bravo a former member of team tazer told us he left because of the
hoax, He didnt want to get involved.
*The California & Fish and Game Wardan says they take a report of
shooting something unknown very serious and at no time did Mr. Smeja
make any kind of contact with us!
*Justins family says it was a hoax the 1st days after it was on the internet....Now they refuse comment!
*Much More is coming!!!!
                                   Why People Believe Lies
The Truth Is Inconvenient. Sometimes a person may have suspicions, but the truth may be so inconvenient or even devastating that the person chooses to believe the lies. A woman dependent on her husband may choose to believe his stories of working late rather than investigate the signs of his being unfaithful, as confronting reality could mean her losing her home. A banker may have doubted Madoff’s results, but alerting investors and colleagues could have meant losing business and bonuses and possibly his job.
Inexperienced or in Mental Decline. Children, with their lack of world experience, are less likely to spot lies. Unfortunately this is also the case for some of the elderly, as their mental faculties decrease. Mental decline can make seniors easy prey for the dishonest.
Just because you may find yourself in one of these situations, not everything you hear or read will be false. However, it is important to remain vigilant. We will not be told the truth unless we demand it.
Another important point is that we cannot expect to convince others of the facts and truths just by clear and straightforward reasoning. We need to figure out how to get through their psychological barriers.
What You Want to Hear. Even when the words or message isn’t about you, it can still be something you really want to hear, making you want to believe that the message is true despite the fact that it is not. An ill person may yearn to hear that certain herbs cure cancer, and he is more likely to believe it if he reads it.
Not Checking the Math. Too many people don’t understand enough math and statistics to realize which scenarios are improbable or even impossible. Bernie Madoff’s steady positive results even in the time of plunging markets were extremely unlikely and yet thousands of people – including regulators – accepted his assertions without question.
The Lies Come from “Your” Side. Democrats tend to believe other Democrats, and Republicans tend to believe Republicans. Yet history shows plenty of examples of falsehoods on both sides. These days, of course, the Republicans are telling most of the whoppers.
A Trusted Source. Related to the lie coming from “your” side is the idea that if it is on the news, reported by the government or by a teacher or a minister or a doctor – or some other person in authority – then it is more likely to be true. Unfortunately, many in authority lie just as frequently as everyone else, and so their statements should be judged with as much skepticism as in other situations.
                                                          *The story is far fetched

He and a friend (whom to this day remains anonymous)Because its a lie were bear hunting in the Sierra Mountains of California. They were off the beaten path in his friend's truck, driving along the twisted roads near Gold Lake. Suddenly they came across a clearing in the forest and standing in the road right in front of them was a giant "bear" waving it's arms frantically. It was very strange. What an odd thing for a bear to be doing...

The incident took place near Gold Lake in the California Sierras.
(Click to enlarge)

Justin's friend stopped the truck and grabbed his binoculars.(The need of Binoculars for something so close don't make sence) They were set for scanning mountain passages so at first everything was fuzzy. He was able to clear them, and when he did, his heart sank. This wasn't a bear... It was a giant creature, almost human-like, covered with fur.

"I would say I took a double take but I couldn't take my eyes off of it," the driver would later say in an Internet Bigfoot forum.

At that moment, a shot fired off. Justin had shot the creature and it fell over into the brush on the side of the road. Then and just as suddenly, two smaller creatures emerged from the forest onto the road. Unlike the larger beast, the smaller ones ran on all fours. Out of a strange mixture of adrenaline and instinct, Justin fired off another shot. He hit one of the smaller animals, killing it instantly. The other escaped into the woods.

At that moment, Justin's life changed forever.

He and his friend ran to the spot where the animals lay. He picked up the little one which was barely alive. It died in his arms (but he just stated it was killed instantly). Everything happened very fast.

A million questions entered Justin's brain. Everything was foggy and this reality seemed impossible. He understood that what he had just killed wasn't a couple of bears, but what they hell were they? Nothing made sense. He and his friend hightailed it back to the truck.(leaving the two bigfoots one small enough to carry and they had a truck) They turned it around and hastily drove back down the mountain. A million questions remained. Ultimately there was only one explanation. Justin had killed a Bigfoot and one of her offspring.(But yet they drove away..LOL) Nothing else made sense. Until that day, Justin had never thought twice about the mythical beast that supposedly inhabits the forests of the world.(Justin,RO and Shawn Evidence was all friends way before the hoax)

They didn't return to the site for several weeks.(Lets play dumb for a sec....You leave go back home type bigfoot body on Internet and BAM your rich now go back there and get the fucking bodies right?? ...NO...Because it's bull crap) One has to understand that this incident occurred up in the Sierra Mountains, a long way away from the iron jaws of Sacramento where Justin lives.(At the very most two hours on a bad snow day..Worth the  It wasn't like Justin could just jump in a vehicle and drive there quickly. Nor did he necessarily want to. He was going through several different emotions regarding the incident, and he described the days afterwards as experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. He couldn't stop thinking about the animals he had shot. He was overcome with feelings of guilt and confusion. Life was a blur. He knew had vivid memories, but nothing made sense.(This is getting good)

Justin Smeja in the Sierras
(Click to enlarge)

A few weeks later he felt that he could return to the site of the killing. With his friend and a bloodhound, they returned to the Sierras to inspect the area. Justin hoped that at least some parts of the animal would still be there, maybe perhaps a tuft of hair and/or bones. (Everything would have been there)

Some people have argued that he was wrong to think that there still might be fragments of his kill remaining on the mountain. Surely scavengers would have cleaned the area up leaving no trace of the incident.(Most would have been there, People are found deep in woods dead all the time after 3-4 weeks most is there...and this is a bigfoot twice a human

Justin disagrees.

As an avid outdoors man he has spent much of his life in the woods. He knows nature's quirks and patterns. He figured it was possible that fragments remained on the mountain. The elevation was high enough that there was snow on the ground, and despite what an amateur might think, Justin knew that it wasn't always the case that scavengers and nature will quickly dispose of the carcass and bones. From his experiences, he knew that sometimes particles remained several weeks after a kill.(NopeAuthorities said they believe the bodies are those of Steven Hendrix; his girlfriend, Amber Martin; and his two young children, ages 6 and 4. They had not been seen since May 19; Hendrix’s daughter, Cheyenne Hendrix, had reported the four missing May 21 A found the bodies deep the wood after 5 weeks.)

Now, depending on what story you find on the internet, it's likely that you'll read that Justin and his friend carved into the animal and cut off a piece of "steak." But according to Justin, that's not how it went down.

"I did not cut anything off a carcass." Justin told me in an email. "I found circumstantial evidence a few weeks after the shooting, and based on time, place, smell, color and texture I believe it most likely is from the subject I shot. So far, none of the labs have me thinking otherwise."

The circumstantial evidence he is referring to is a sample of flesh tissue he found on the ground upon his return to the site. There was also bone fragments and the clothing he wore on the day of the shooting.( trying to suck more people in this hoax}

"We are working with labs and researchers committed to getting to the bottom of this through the evidence we have," he added. (

After breaking the news, the internet rumors began to swirl. The Bigfoot community can be a strange place as one can imagine, and there are those who are deemed credible and those who are not. Many in the "credible crowd" are backing Justin's story.(Bigfoot +"credible crowd"= Not Credible)

One such person is Tyler Bounds. He is a production associate with the hit TV show, Finding Bigfoot. He is also an associate for the Bigfoot Research Organization (BFRO), which is perhaps the most credible Bigfoot organization in the world. He told me this about Justin:

"People I know and trust, and privy to information I don't have, believe him, and I have to take that into account. He claims to have killed multiple creatures, but I don't know what those creatures may be. Bigfoots? Bears? The Sierras have a record of activity, both historical and contemporary, so I don't have a reason to dismiss his claims out-of-hand, but, as someone who is both cynical and skeptical of people's observations and interpretations, I need the same thing to believe that others do - proof."(No pictures, video or body +Justin's story=BULLSHIT)

The vast and mysterious Sierra Mountains of California
(Photo by Bart Cutino, click to enlarge.)

Jason and his friend gathered what they could at the kill site and brought it home. He contacted Dr. Melba Ketchum,(A Veterinarian) a DNA specialist in Timpson, Texas, and handed the flesh tissue to her. Her company, DNA Diagnostics specializes in forensics, genetics, and administering animal and human DNA testing. It's important to note that one can't test a subject for Bigfoot, since clearly there is no definitive proof that the creature exists. One can only compare the DNA to samples of known subjects, such as bear, elk, coyote, etc. and begin the process of elimination. This of course takes time... It's not something that can be processed quickly, and here it is over a year later and we still don't have the final determination of the species.(Let me guess it will come back as unknown)

Meanwhile Justin has undergone an intense screening process, by both the Bigfoot community and scientists. Twice now he has taken lie detector tests to prove his credibility. Both times he passed, without showing any signs of deception.(WOW so did Rick Dyer and Matt Whitton 2008 bigfoot hoax) His life has changed dramatically, and he is sought after daily from people in the Bigfoot community, both amateur and professional. His story has been ripped to shreds in online Bigfoot forums, and many have called him a killer, saying that killing a Bigfoot creature is akin to murder. Through necessity of survival, he has now embraced his place in Bigfoot lore, at least to some extent. He has become friends and associates with many in the Bigfoot community including folks at the BFRO and Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, renown author and professor of Anatomy and Anthropology at Idaho State University. Dr. Meldrum is considered by many to be the leading scientist involved with the study of Bigfoot' existence. He is just one of many who have accompanied Justin to the site where the incident took place. (I'm friends with this person ,that person and all the sheep in the community..Throwing out names is the 1st sign of a lie)
Bart Cutino is also highly respected in the Bigfoot community and has quickly become one of Justin's good friends. He has become the lead investigator in the case and is currently processing the "circumstantial" evidence collected several weeks after the shooting in two prominent independent NA labs.
 (You need a lab independent that has nothing to do with the bigfoot community)

When asked, Bart told me this about results: "Through our newly formed Sierras Evidence Initiative, results including lab determinations and all communications through the processing period, will be transparent and shared publicly when completed. No timetable and no guarantee on results, only findings and final determinations."

Justin Smeja and Bart Cutino in the Sierras
(Click to enlarge)

It's safe to say that since the incident in the Sierras, Justin's life has changed dramatically. Remember, he says he never gave two thoughts about Bigfoot prior to this encounter in the Sierras. Despite being bombarded on a daily basis by people from all over the world, he took the time to sit down and answer some questions from me through email. For this I am very grateful.

There was no “steak” — i.e. no muscle tissue, just a patch of skin and hair.
I was invited to the scene and had permission to bring a dog handler, but the scene was already rendered unsuitable by the activities of those already on site, and the dogs were never deployed.
I never made the statement rendered in quotation marks.
I never enumerated a list of characteristics indicating it was the “real deal” — quite the opposite.
I returned to the lab with a tiny sliver of the salted specimen (1mm x 5mm) with a couple dozen hairs attached. I cannot discuss the details of the analysis of the hair further due to the NDA.
I will say that humans are primates. No primates have underhairs. No human populations adapt to elevation by sprouting underhair.
Also, there are a lot of misconceptions and misrepresentations about my ideas concerning what sasquatch are — more ape-like or more human-like. I don’t appreciate others putting words in my mouth, who don’t have a grasp of the principles involved.
Finally, this just received from Mr. Lindsay at the close of a brief email exchange:
“You have developed an unfriendly tone in this exchange, and that makes it hard to work with you now and certainly in the future. If you develop a positive relationship with me, you receive special consideration in our reporting about you. Just a heads up.”
You be the judge…

~ Jeff Meldrum



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