Sunday, November 25, 2012

"In 1984 i joined a Bigfoot club" By Anonymous Guest Blogger

In 1984 i joined a Bigfoot club (from the back of a Magazine) for $14.95 which part of that membership I'd get publications of 'what's new' in Bigfoot research bi-monthly. I received 'nothing' other than invitations to film expose where Rene Dahinden showed the Patterson film and sold reproduction Patty cast and listened to his evidence he finds, this of course was an extra fee!!...I understood quickly that Bigfoot was a market, a profitable business as entertainment and product.. Today, Bigfoot/Sasquatch is no different, it's a market people can capitalize on, Matt Moneymaker has done this for years, so has Television networks, Beef jerky, Beer, Pizza, and Movies. I personally don't fault anyone selling Bigfoot, regardless 'genuine or not', it's about Market value and profit, not science, and I'm ok with that. I personally dint believe in Bigfoot, never will, but anyone that can sell the value of bigfoot, all power to them, the Sheep will pay....Oh how I love America. Remember, Our Forest would be pretty boring without a good mystery, That's why we need people keeping that mystery

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