Friday, November 30, 2012 MT. Charleston Investigation Pictures

I just returned from the MT. Charleston Investigation and I unforchantly looked over this place. I received call from a government official that works on the mountain today and he told me that he seen a large monkey. Fearing ridicule he did not want to talk on camera. My pre investigation after talking with witnesses ,store owners and local residents along with the high population of deer ,wild animals , caves ,caverns and abundance of freshwater , I believe that I have found another location of Bigfoot. I have proved the existence of Bigfoot with the camper video and more evidence to come Outside of San Antonio Texas. What I want to do here is communicate with one on film. I have a foolproof way to attract Bigfoot to our campsite ,if there's one at this location. The problem is communicating with this Creature.

Rick Dyer

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