Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Andy Barnes says he was the Skunk Ape in Fasano's Video

Could Fasano's Video be a Hoax? Well according to Andy Barnes who is also a Taxi Cab Driver in Tampa says yes! After a long talk with Barnes we verified his information and this is his real name and he does work for a local cab company in Tampa. He stated "He's a Christian and he got in over his head and he wants out of it". He also stated that Fasano has more footage of the hoax , four other people was involved and all of Fasano's finds are made up.

          YOU BE THE JUDGE!
*Name was verified.
*Job as a Tampa Cab Driver was verified.
* With over 800 videos on youtube
 this could be a person jealous of
 his bigfoot fame.
* Is this just a hater?

Fasano's  "NO COMMENT"

Sara Gilbert


Anonymous said...

That's why his fucking video looks like he's trying to hind something.

Anonymous said...

Who knows

Anonymous said...

I still like him.